Heavyweight Hawaiian Sativa Sistaz: Kona Gold vs. Maui Wowie

World famous Hawaiian sativa strains Maui Wowie and Kona Gold have a interisland sibling rivalry here in Hawai’i that has been going on since long before Chong passed that first puff of Maui Wowie (mixed with Labrador) to his comedic companion in crime in the cinematic cannabis classic Cheech & Chong back in 1978.

Baked bits and pieces of their prolific Pakalōlō battle still remain from the 60’s & 70’s when Maui Wowie & Kona Gold became household names exported from the Hawaiian islands to Pakalōlō lovers all around the planet.

Vintage faded Kona Gold & Maui Wowie logos plastered across colorful clothing & battered backpacks — tattered treasures thought surely lost in the laundry baskets of time, while lucky hamper hunters & ganja garage sale gear bud bargain shoppers can still find old school rugged 55 kilo Kona Gold Hawaiian Pakalōlō bags, though curiously, the cannabis contents went up in smoke long ago…

Speaking of Up in Smoke, the classic Cheech & Chong moment marinated in our medicated minds when they christened their budding friendship with a proper Hawaiian style doobie was a big deal here in Hawai’i for growers of Maui Wowie claiming they had the mos Nō ka ‘oi Pakalōlō (Best cannabis).

Maui Wowie ‘Ohana (Family) said the Hollywood shout out put points on the board that Kona Gold could never hope to score on da hottest Kona day on da court, while Kona Gold ‘Ohana (Family) retorted it simply proved what we all already knew ~ Maui Wowie was indistinguishable from doo doo, as no self respecting stoner would ever dare mix dakine reigning champion Hawaiian sativa strain Kona Gold with Labrador — Maui Wowie, eh no worries Maui Wowie stay doo doo already.

It got so crazy we had Big Island growers bring choke (abundant) Kona Gold to Maui just for compete and show off. We know da giant sign at Maui airport saying “Maui Nō ka ‘oi” = “Maui is the best” is a remnant from dakine Kona Gold vs. Maui Wowie feud back in da day, as Big Island bud smugglers would be greeted by a big sign that say “Maui Nō ka ‘oi” telling us we could take our Big Island bud back home as they already get da best Maui Wowie.”~ Uncle

All jokes aside, both Kona Gold & Maui Wowie are two of the most amazing tropical terpene drenched wonders of the weed world, well deserving of their legendary status and international fame, but is one strain really mo betta?

Kona Gold reeks of sweet fragrant floral Hawaiian honey with a touch of lemon while Maui Wowie encompasses the user in a fresh tropical citrus fruit flavor & supreme sativa scent that permeates all it encounters. Both are pungent & potent Pakalōlō taking the user to new Hawaiian heights souring the sky on that long lasting action Hawaiian sativa vibe that is truly indescribable — one would have to try a bowl.

When asked if they could choose between Maui Wowie & Kona Gold; our Pakalōlō puffing participants all asked for the “all of the above” question to be added, checked “all of the above” and went to the beach to enjoy their Hawaiian high…

Speaking of going to the beach to enjoy Hawaiian highs…we will have to pick this doobie dilemma up out of the ash tray at a later date to once again tackle this age old cannabis conundrum:

Kona Gold



Maui Wowie


Aloha a hui hou

Pua Mana ‘Ohana

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