Passionate Punatic Princess: Puna Buddaz

The lunatic is on the grass” – Pink Floyd

Punatics, they run wild in these here jungle streets & all along the rugged unpaved pahoehoe paths of Puna…

Listen carefully…if you dare — beyond the deafening crescendo of coqui frogs, you can hear faint echoes of the free range Punatic, howling at the full moon consumed with a livid lunacy so commonly found among creatures frequenting the Puna District.

Peer into the shadows…if you dare — here we are; ingesting the wild hallucinogenic mushrooms from the sacred cow field down Opihikao kine by the steam vents — then in a flash…gone…concealed in cumulous clouds of pungent Puna Buddaz smoke.


Main street Pāhoa ~ a small quaint, sleepy, severely stoney Hawaiian village, that until the turn of the century had never even tasted the sweet/salty flavors of “progress” provided by Burger King, KFC and Subway.

McDonald’s had a bright idea to come join the pa’ina (party) too, but Pele quickly put a stop to more fast food joints by rolling through with one of her own in the form of one of her world famous molten hot volcanic mood swings.


The town of Kalapana was not so lucky and was completely destroyed by the fury of Pele, along with the black sand beach so beloved by our local community when they attempted to develop the sacred lands of Puna for profit.

Those who desired to develop the sacred Kalapana coast also disappeared into the mists of the tropical rain forest of Puna and steamy cloaks of Pele.

Pele don’t play

It’s not your land — It’s Her Land

In Puna, Pele the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess rules the land, and her lava flows have threatened to destroy the town of Pāhoa on more than one occasion.

While Taylor Camp (the crown jewel of all 60’s/70’s counter culture experiments) on the island of Kaua’i may have gotten shut down in 1977, the hippies who migrated to Puna in the 60’s and 70’s were just getting warmed up by the red hot volcanic fires of Pele in all her molten majesty.

Hippy communes and communities found a place where they could thrive and survive in Puna, and many can now show the results of a Hanauna (Generations) of success living in peace off the land, but as privacy is law of the land in Puna, Punatics would rather not show you the results of many Hanauna (Generations) of successful social experiments along with Pakalōlō projects protected by the fine fabric of the eternal tapestry of time.

“Go back to Puna” can be heard screamed out the window of vehicles on the highway on Big Island passing by hitch hiking hippies, though the same person may turn around, pick you up, blaze you out as they tell you their own trippy stories of when they grew a ton of Pakalōlō in Puna, bought land, then drop you off exactly where you need to go.

A little something we call Big Island Love

One thing that is common knowledge on Big Island and even written about in Hawai’i revealed guidebooks, is how many outlaws have escaped into the unknown jungles of Puna never to… be… seen… again.


Punatics, outlaws and hippies oh my!

I’m high!!

For years we all though Osama bin Laden had escaped to Puna to hide where Homeland Security ‘Ohana would never look and cell phones flash a steady no signal sign to let you know you have arrived at your destination over the cuckcoo’s nest — way too far off the deep end…

Word on the unpaved streets of Puna back in da day was that Osama Bin Laden was hiding out down Lower Puna working as an ecstatic dance teacher at Kalani resort and that he bagged overpriced groceries at Pāhoa natural foods on weekends so he could pay rent on his homemade hybrized tree-house/yurt tarp structure extraordinaire — then he was killed, perhaps while visiting relatives in Afghanistan to pick up a load of hashish and share dat good Puna Buddaz he acquired during his days frequenting the nude drum circle on Sunday down Kehena black sand beach.

Some of the best bud on earth is grown in Puna, not least of all the luscious landrace from her own all terrain access, tropical off road neighborhoods; Puna Buddaz

Preserved & protected by old school Hawaiian growers on Red Road for many moons — Puna Buddaz is an amazing survivor and true legend all around Planet Pakalōlō.


She handles da’ tropical monsoon downpours of da’ Puna District on da Big Island of Hawai’i like a champ — she not only survives, she thrives!

Many Puna growers will tell you after particularly rainy seasons, Puna Buddaz is da last plant standing when many other strains have already succumb to mold issues.


Puna Buddaz is a very special lil lady and is our #1 pick for growing mold resistant strains in Hawai’i.

Puna Buddaz even performs well for our mainland ‘Ohana = Family who have grown her with Great results due to her natural mold resistance & vigorous growth style.

She amasses massive heavy heady loads of resin with tropical trichomes permeating every blessed bud forming an armor around each Pua = flower.


Speaking of flowers — another reason she beats da’ mold is her fast flower time, phenotypes can finish as fast as 45 days with some going the distance to a glorious 8 week glamorous glazing that puts other strains to shame.

Pretty, potent, pungent & not for the faint of heart — Puna Buddaz produces a tremendous tripped out spinning psychedelic insane brain effect that could even be dangerous to the uninitiated Punatic…

Blessed with both an intense inebriating physical and mental high that will have you flyin Hawaiian way past cloud nine in the HI state known globally as paradise!

Puna Buddaz is a very stinky lady indeed her delectable dankness can be detected upon the wind all the way around wonderful wide the world of weed…

What you know about Puna Funk?

In a tropical rain forest of fragrant flora, her all consuming stanky scent reigns supreme!

Beware of the sharp searing furious fire of Pele’s hair — she is also an absolutely stark raving mad Punatic, just like the rest of us here who dared to dive off da deep end into the legendary bottomless Green Lake of liquid lunacy down four corners kine across from Vacationland before dakine warm ponds on your way to Malama Ki Forest Reserve.

You may be blessed by a wonderful whiff of her unmistakable aroma of Aloha wafting towards you like a wave while smacking you upside the head like a childhood chastisement dealt out by Tutu (Grandmother) from directions unknown — hidden somewhere deep in the Bush down Puna side — where da wild tingz are…

She will still grab you by your nose hairs, and tickle your taste buds as she tears you far from your sensitive sense of “reality“.

Puna Buddaz will melt your brain stem and stress away like hot budda…

If you were stressed before, forget ‘em, no worriez cuz, chillax bra, blaze up dakine Puna Buddaz, feel mo’ betta…

If can…can.

If no can…Puna Buddaz!

Beyond the end of the road — in the heart of volcano country, in a hot and humid otherworldly jungle you will find the district of Puna, the only place in the world where an island of land floats on a subterranean sea of molten magma.

You never know…if you dare to come to Puna bringing Aloha, try cast your bread, and say your pule (prayers) upon the dancing waters off Kumukahi, the east most point of Hawai’i, you may just get lucky — your bread will come back buttered with the stickiest of ikiest:

~ Puna Buddaz ~


Potent Pungent Punatic Princess: Puna Buddaz

NAME: Puna Buddaz

AKA: Puna Budda, Puna Butta, Puna Budz

GENETICS: Hawaiian landrace indica

Smell: Potent Tropical Skunk, Very distinct Puna funk aroma!

Flavors: Dank, Tropical, Sticky Citric Liliko’i Fruit!!

Appearance: Completely frosted sticky skunky Hawaiian nugs

Effects: Total Devastation, Very Powerful Medication, Heavy Mana!!!

Description: Puna Buddaz is a Hawaiian landrace strain made popular worldwide in the 60’s and 70’s.

Source: Puna district on the Big Island of Hawai’i

Our Feminized Puna Buddaz line comes from a prolific Wahine = Female originating down Lower Puna side right around the turn of the century knicknamed #7 as she was the 7th seed & the keeper

Puna Buddaz #7 was a short compact fast flowering Puna Buddaz phenotype with incredible resistance to mold issues plaguing other strains suffering in the high humidity of the Puna District coupled with the tremendous tropical downpours we know so well here in Hawai’i

As cloning was becoming increasingly popular in those days many growers stopped making seeds like our Uncles & Aunties had been doing for Hanauna (Generations) in favor of the cool clone circulating the local scene of green like ’98 Aloha White Widow or Puna Buddaz #7

Our genetic specialists did a preservation crop of seeds in 2003 by spraying a old school Puna Buddaz #7 cut with colloidal silver to create the seed stock we started in order to feminize the legendary Puna Buddaz

Puna Buddaz has been cultivated along the “Red Road” in Puna for Hanauna (Generations) by our underground Hawaiian ‘Ohana (Family) in one of the most challenging growing environments in Hawai’i…the Puna District of Big Island — where the wild untamed flame of the Punatic burns bright all throughout the night…

Aloha a hui hou

Pua Mana ‘Ohana


~ Pua Mana ‘Ohana & Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank release our rare endangered Hawaiian Genetics for souvenir & preservation purposes ~

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