Kona Gold Fever: Green Ganja Greed


splash1Pioneers, those men were named,
driven insane by the lust for wealth.
Standing, faces contorted with greed,
in clammy gold-ridden streams.

Heroes, you called them–
if you had seen under those humid, merciless skies
families trapped in their wagons by the need for riches,
you might not call them so.

Perhaps some were there for honest reasons,
though many were grasping money seekers,
sweating day by day in empty rivers,
failing to find their dream– the yellow money dust.

Nuggets occasionally wormed their way
into a seeker’s waiting purse,
but most returned empty handed
to their solitary home land,

The gold rush:
a pulsing, contagious fever
dragging its victims to sift in lonely rivers,
making them forget the important things in life. ~ “Gold Fever” by Ailsa Dixson


Pua Mana ‘Ohana released the legendary Hawaiian landrace Sativa strain; Kona Gold, back into the Cannabis Community in 2014, at a time when many people who had grown, known & loved her in the past, believed she may have followed the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park down a tropical trail of extinction littered with splattered, shattered velociraptor egg shells & stone skeletons of what once was…

We received plenty praises from people who were thankful for our work & respected the challenge it was (& continues to be) to preserve & protect long flowering Hawaiian sativa strains like Kona Gold during Pakalōlō Prohibition, under the watchful eye in the sky — Operation Green Harvest marijuana eradication helicopters…

We also had to deal with doubters, haters & internet terp twerp trolls, who had never even grown Kona Gold themselves, claiming online that old school Hawaiian landrace Sativa strains were mythological or never existed in the 1st place?!?

These foolish folks were promptly put in their place by those who chose to grow Genetics by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank & share the Good News about Hawaiian Pakalōlō on Social Media — as well as by laboratory analysis of our strains that prove the Hawaiian Genomes we released are some of the oldest varieties in the Phylos Bioscience Galaxy — speaking of Jurassic Park.

We expected skeptics & critics when we 1st announced our mission of Hawaiian Pakalōlō preservation to the Nations — one thing we did not expect was a strange syndrome that seems to afflict certain self centered members of the Cannabis Community, a disease that infests & infects those who are mo’ susceptible to greed:

Kona Gold Fever

(“Goldfinger” is the title song from the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. Composed by John Barry and with lyrics by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, the song was performed by Shirley Bassey for the film’s opening and closing title sequences, as well as the soundtrack album release.” ~ Wik-Wik-Wak-apedia)

Kona Gold Fever: Greed & Ganja

Hording cuts, as the unhealthy habit is called, or coveting clones, is a well known phenomena in the wonderful world of weed.

Many strains have been lost forever, banished to that big bud beach beyond, all because a grower karma-tically lost a genetic, after they refused to share clones or seeds with the Cannabis Community, to ensure the survival of the strain.


(Girl Scout Cookie “Forum Cut” is a rare often imitated — but never duplicated west coast wonder clone — horded by many — shared by the few true like our ‘Ohana = Family at Amazon Organics. GSC Forum Cut is the Makuahine = Mother of Caramel Kona Coffee Cookie –recently released by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank)

Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank was founded on the principle that we have a responsibility to future Hanauna = Generations to preserve, protect & share this sacred medicine with patients all around Planet Pakalōlō — just as our Kūpuna = Wise Elders did in the 1960’s & 70’s, thereby resulting in Hawaiian Pakalōlō becoming the literal stuff legends are made of.

We 1st released ‘Ano ‘Ano = Seeds to medical patients here in Hawai’i in 2014 & 2015, free of charge, to get Hawaiian medicine back to the people & prove our mission is Pono = Righteous.

Soon after, we began releasing rare endangered Genetics by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank through medical dispensaries in Alaska, California, Oregon, Colorado & Washington.


(‘Alenuihāhā by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank is Kona Gold x Maui Wowie & was named to honor the ‘Alenuihāhā Channel that connects the Kona side of Big Island with Hāna side Maui)

We drove all the way up the west coast of The United States of America, sharing ‘Ano ‘Ano = Seeds & live clones of Hawaiian Bloodline & Maui Wowie with dispensaries like The Green Element in So-Cal & Kind Peoples in Nor-Cal, Amazon Organics, The Greener Side, T.J.’s Organic Gardens & Pakalōlō PDX in Oregon & of course our ‘Ohana = Family at Leafly up in Seattle Washington.


(Hawaiian Bloodline Bx1 released by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank)

Pua Mana ‘Ohana walks the walk when it comes to Pakalōlō Preservation & sharing Aloha.

We are some of the few true who remain immune to Kona Gold Fever because we do this out of Aloha or for the Love.

We would soon see this was not the case for everyone we blessed up with Hawaiian Pakalōlō along the path — some people are extremely susceptible when it comes to falling victim to that dastardly dank disease known as:

Kona Gold Fever…


(Kona Gold preserved & protected by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank)

So You Say You Are From Kona?

Pakalōlō Supply Co from Alaska

5 days before 4/20/2015, a manager from a new dispensary in Alaska, contacted us to discuss Hawaiian Pakalōlō Genetics:


Claiming to have island roots in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i, this manager pleaded with us to hook them up with Hawaiian Genetics for their dispensary, as they wished to name their dispensary all the way up in Alaska; Pakalōlō Supply Co, in homage to the Hawaiian word for Cannabis — the only problem was they did not have any actual Hawaiian Pakalōlō for opening day?!?

They knew about island classics like Kona Gold & Hawaiian Elephant — yet like many others who once possessed these legendary strains — had lost them over the years & knew of no one who would share seeds with them. Some were busted, some collections were dusted in old tool boxes that were rusted. Some people refused to share because they had caught a mean kine case of Kona Gold Fever.

One of our Genetic Specialists, who also has Kona roots, decided to send Pakalōlō Supply Co. in Alaska, seeds to start their dispensary in the Spirit of Aloha.


The manager promised to share photographs of phenotypes, give us breeders credit & spread the word about our mission of Hawaiian Pakalōlō preservation, in return for a legendary load of Hawaiian Genetics, (that he was hooked up with free of charge) to start their dispensary in Alaska:


We should have known something was fishy, when nobody in Kona would hook them up with Hawaiian Genetics, especially after their mutant manager made the egotistical claim that he would “make us famous” all the way from a small dispensary in Alaska!?!

The population of Fairbanks Alaska, home of the Pakalōlō Supply Co. is under 33,000 people — you could get famous in Fairbanks by going to the grocery store or spending a few hours in the laundromat washing your dirty undies.

The moronic moral of the story is you don’t have to get mauled by a moose to make the front page in a town that small, plus if you live in Hawai’i & do this for the Love, who cares about the fame?

Shortly after Pakalōlō Supply Co. placed in the Alaska Cannabis Classic competition with Pele Fire OG & Mauna Kea White Fire OG by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank, something changed…

Someone caught a case of…

Kona Gold Fever…


(Maui Pineapple Chunk by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank cultivated by Pakalōlō Supply Co in Alaska)

One of our Pua Mana ‘Ohana Aunties was reading the Paka-Blog by Pakalōlō Supply Co. in Alaska & was put off by a long-winded (yet short-sighted) braggadocious blog post where they gave us zero credit for hooking them up with “their new strains” Caramel Kona Coffee Kush & Maui Mango Diesel?!?

When we contacted them with Auntie’s concern, they became confrontational, saying the strains were now their possessions, that they were now their…precious…forgetting we had hooked them up in the Spirit of Aloha, making their entire ridiculous Hawaiian dispensary in Alaska theme possible in the 1st place.

Not only had they forgotton who gave them the strains — they had forgotten the strain names???

Pakalōlō Supply Co. had renamed Hawaiian Trinity “Ali’i Drive” & changed the name of ‘Alenuihāhā to “Royal Hawaiian Wave Blaster“???


(It is doubtful Pakalōlō Supply Co from Fairbanks Alaska will fulfil their promises to “make us famous” when they give us no credit for Hawaiian Pakalōlō preservation or our HI Hybridz collection Cannabis creations & change the names of our strains — like they did here with ‘Alenuihāhā in the Instagram post above that brought in a full flavored fame attaining 38 likes)

Pakalōlō Supply Co in Alaska taught us all a very valuable lesson about the sinister sativa symptoms of Kona Gold Fever:

Not only does Kona Gold Fever transform the infected into a rabid ranting, non-chanting, covetous Babylonian canna-terp-troll, with no respect for those who made their journey possible — Kona Gold Fever also effects the infected’s memory.

Pakalōlō PDX: Posing in Portland

When we went to Oregon to sell seeds legally through the medical dispensary system, we got vortexed in Eugene, due to the ridiculously high quality Green on the scene.


(Photograph by Amazon Organics shared via their Leafly menu during our 2015 Seed Drop)

High Time Magazine awarded T.J.’s Organic Gardens of Eugene Oregon the “Best Bud on Earth” Cannabis Cup after a terpene profile revealed an astoundingly astronomical level of terpenes, covering every nug like astro-terp in a baseball bud field of dreams.


(T.J.’s Organic Provisions of Eugene Oregon won “Best Tasting Bud on Earth” for their delightful Durban Poison. Those of us lucky enough to sample that sweet South African Sativa lovingly cultivated by T.J.’s Organic Gardens, say it was indeed a award that went to the right people.)

Legendary Author & Hemp Activist; Jack Herer, returned to the Spirit World, after passing away in Eugene Oregon.

Breeder of the original Blueberry; D.J. Short, is rumored to frequent the awesome artistic area as well, still selling seeds of the super strains for which he is internationally known for creating, in local dispensaries.


(Word on da beach is Blue Hawaiian is a hybrid of a old school Hawaiian sativa strain from Hāiku Maui crossed with a early version of D.J. Shorts legendary Blueberry Bud)

It would be safe to say, the word is out about the Eugene Green Scene

Mahalo = Thanks to re-legalization of the Healing of the Nations, these friendly folks can finally receive the credit they so richly deserve for cultivating such amazing herb!


Rather than get couch locked in the vortex known as Eugene Oregon (or sweet stoney Shelbyville, sister city of Springfield, in The Simpson’s), we decided to reach out to some dispensaries up north in Portland, prior to returning home to Hawai’i.


(In The Simpson’s episode; “Lemon of Troy” — based on a true story — a battle over fresh fruit from a precious plant, instigates the Great Springfield vs. Shelbyville fight for the rights to a golden lemon tree…)

Pakalōlō PDX seemed like a logical 1st step.


We learned that the owner of Pakalōlō PDX did not have any actual connection to Hawai’i, aside from one of the owners living in a van on Maui for a few months when he was younger, it was during this time he learned the Hawaiian word for Cannabis:


While they wanted to use the name Pakalōlō for their dispensary, they did not have any Hawaiian Pakalōlō on their menu — Pua Mana ‘Ohana changed that sad fact & loaded Pakalōlō PDX up with Hawaiian Genetics.


Pakalōlō PDX unfollowed us on Instagram after we shared Aloha with Attorney General Sessions & President Trump in a few of our posts. They began spreading hate about us, saying they now had the precious Pakalōlō, so they did not need us anymore.


Our theory is that education, in regards to Pakalōlō, is the key to unlocking the chains that enslave the Cannabis Community, holding our plants & people hostage, subjecting us to laws that are unjust.


(Aloha Trump ‘Ohana ~ Mahalo nui loa Trump ‘Ohana ~ Akua Ho’omaka’i Trump ‘Ohana)

Hurling hate & insults online will never bridge the gaps between Growers & Government — wounds that need to be healed so we can all remember that separation is illusion.

We Are One People


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Pakalōlō PDX began talking stink about us online, claiming political differences were the reason for their treason?

Political or Pakalōlō??

Or could it have been a case of Kona Gold Fever plaguing Pakalōlō PDX in Portland???


Hawaiian Seed Company” from Central Oregon: Pakalōlō, Patents & Plagiarism

Speaking of Oregon…

Someone followed our Oregon Trail of Aloha, so they could acquire the rare endangered Hawaiian genetics we released, in order to start their own company:

A “Hawaiian Seed Company” from Central Oregon?

Hawaiian Seed Company” from Central Oregon engaged in Pakalōlō Piracy & Intellectual Property Theft when they took Genetics by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank like; Hawaiian Bloodline, Hawaiian Duckfoot & Hawaiian Trinity, to Phylos Bioscience in Portland Oregon & submit samples, in attempts of registering our rare endangered Hawaiian Geneomes in the Phylos Bioscience Galaxy to use as a pre-patent against other seedbanks & breeders in the Cannabis Industry.


Luckily, Pakalōlō cannot be patented at this time. This attempt still alarmed our Genetic Specialists, who have worked so hard to preserve & protect Hawaiian Pakalōlō.

Were someone to actually gain a patent on Pakalōlō, that would exclude all other growers or breeders from legally working with those patented strains.

Aloha Poke Co. from Chicago Illinois recently sent cease & desist letters to local Poke restaurants after they trademarked the words “Aloha” & “Poke” in a similar showing of anti-Aloha.

Worse yet, they had submit unstabilized hybrids under the famous marijuana monikers; Kaua’i Electric & 70’s Hawaiian, in a audacious attempt to own those strain names, with no care for the genetic integrity of the samples they submit?!?

When we confronted “Hawaiian Seed Company” from Central Oregon about these inebriated injustices, they responded with a chumpsack challenge to the Genetics we released in the 1st place!?!

The saga was recorded & can be forever remembered in the online dank detective drama now known as:

~ Pakalōlō, Patents & Plagiarism ~

We made peace & passed da Pakalōlō pipe after a manager from “Hawaiian Seed Company” from Central Oregon contacted us to apologize for the actions of their former employees.

Ho’oponopono is a sacred Hawaiian reconciliation ceremony.

Ho’oponopono means: “to make right right”.


Hawaiian Seed Company” from Central Oregon made Pono = Right by apologizing to our ‘Ohana = Family & offering to make amends for the injustices perpetrated in the past.


Now we hear there is a internal dispute over at “Hawaiian Seed Company” from Central Oregon, in which the people in their company who were let go for spreading negativity & hate are now attempting to sue their own partners for the rights to the company they built?!?

Sounds like another case of Kona Gold Fever…

Instagram Supa-Stars:

A Rosevile kid & his Dirtydog

Some dogs are very good at games like fetch & they return loyally with your frisbee, ready for another round — some dogs run away with it & lose their new toy, after they urinate all over their precious & bury in it a hole somewhere — never to be found again.

This story is about a rosevile kid & his dirtydog playing cool-guy on Instagram under sock puppet muppet marijuana monikers…

~ Dirtydog~

Dirtydog was one of our biggest supporters when we began releasing rare endangered Hawaiian genetics online via our website @:


He ordered everything in our store & even placed a few pre-order reservations for upcoming releases & liked every one of our Instagram photos — he often commented on how much he loved Pua Mana ‘Ohana & the rare endangered Hawaiian genetics we were releasing.


(Kona Gold by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank cultivated by dirtydog)

Dirtydog claimed he was our “‘Ohana 4 life” — that all changed after our Puna Buddaz release was delayed due to volcanic eruptions & evacuations on the Big Island of Hawai’i. He began making demands & being rude to our customer service representatives when our Puna Buddaz release was delayed.

Dirtydog said he did not care about our Puna ‘Ohana = Family or the tragedy they were going through (all the while they were saving rare endangered Hawaiian genetics like Puna Buddaz during an evacuation like da Hawaiian Supa Heroes they are) & demanded we send him his seeds saying “mine“…”they are mine I paid for them” like a spoiled baby who stole a dollar from his daddy & bought a beer at the convenience store — furious that he had to wait until he turned 21 to drink it. He wanted to cut in line for pre-order reservations & refused to wait his turn, all because he shared some photography of Pakalōlō he grew from the seeds we sent him.


(Kona Gold preserved & protected by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank cultivated by dirtdog the big bad Instagram picture posting drug dealer in Michigan)

We explained to dirtydog that while his Pakalōlō photos were pretty — his attitude was ugly & he needed to learn respect.

Were it not for the people he now disrespects online — he never would have any Hawaiian Pakalōlō to take pictures of while he plays popularity contest with all da dopamine feedback loop social media addict Keiki = Children on Instagram.

Bad dog dirtydog — you abused the rare endangered Hawaiian genetics we provided for you to play with & pooped all over the internet while we were at work.


(Territorial terp trolls like rosevilekid & dirtydog who are infected with cases of Kona Gold Fever find Hawaiian Pakalōlō to be… precious…)

It seems pooping all over the internet like a troll, due to loss of bowel control, are also some severe symptoms of the syndrome known as:

Kona Gold Fever

~ Rosevilekid ~

Rosevilekid is a big baby on a dopamine feedback loop binge from hell, who purchased Hawaiian Bloodline & Hawaiian Trinity from Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank & then decided to run around online claiming to have created the very strains he acquired from us in the 1st place???

It is obvious that anyone who posts over twenty Instagram posts over a four hour period has some serious issues — a fact we knew when rosevilekid approached us online asking us what we thought about him making seeds with the Kane = Male Pakalōlō plants he found in the regular ‘Ano ‘Ano = Seeds we hooked him up with.

Wanting to show Aloha to our online ‘Ohana = Family, as well as spread Hawaiian Pakalōlō ‘Ano ‘Ano = Seeds — we encouraged him to make mo’ seeds & create his own strains by cross breeding his favorite Pakalōlō plants with pollen. We did not tell him we would help him sell the seeds he made or that he could put our name on his canna-creations, unless we were able to verify the genetics provided were of the highest quality.


(Rosevilekid, more like Union City kid, now claims to be the breeder responsible for creating Hawaiian Trinity by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank — as you can see from the receipt proof of purchase above — “that was a lie” ~ Maury Povitch of Pua Mana ‘Ohana M Branch)

Rosevilekid made his very own Hawaiian Trinity seeds by crossing a Kane = Male Pakalōlō plant with a Wāhine = Female phenotype, a seriously sweet Sista he had selected for breeding, found in the seeds he purchased from Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank.

He later asked us for labels & packages to pass out Hawaiian Trinity packs as prizes in a suicide prevention give-away he was promoting on Instagram. It sounded like a good cause & we wanted to support our online ‘Ohana = Family, so we agreed to provide packs after we tested the seeds to ensure quality.

Every grower who tested the Hawaiian Trinity seeds passed around by rosevilekid complained of low germination rate. We also could not verify he had not accidentally cross pollinated his crop with one of his other breeding projects.

When we informed him of the low germination rate & the fact we could not put our name on the seeds, he provided he became angry & began insulting our customer service representatives, while making threats & crazy claims, rather than taking responsibility for his mistakes.

Another factor that angered him was when we let him know we could not allocate funds for his promotion while we had Genetic Specialists who had to relocate after the floods on Kaua’i. To that he further insulted us saying we were “too poor to buy labels” (a misconception & straight up lie he continues to spread online), rather than accepting that we order our labels custom made, only when we have a crop coming up. Hawaiian Trinity was not on our release schedule at the time, as we had just recently released her & are currently cycling through our other strains.

After all that, we sent him his seeds back with a few of our custom labeled preservation packs included, to do his suicide prevention give-away — despite the fact he was rude to us & we did not want our name on the bogus breeding projects he was undertaking.

Rosevilekid did not say Mahalo = Thank you for the special order of labels we bought for his Instagram suicide prevention give-away — in fact, he promply repaid our generosity by bad mouthing us online & trolling our followers, while claiming to have created our strains???

Speaking of Karma & Cannabis…

Rosevilekid reportedly lost his entire Genetics Library to russet mites — proving his skill level & earning him a new knickname:

Russet Mite Mike a.k.a. da Rosevilekid


(Hilarious IC Mag member Burningtough calls rosevilekid out for spreading slanderous lies, russet mites & Kona Gold Fever all around the Cannabis Community)

What a winner!

With fake Facebook “friends” like these who needs enemies??


(Similar to Pakalōlō Supply Co changing the name of Hawaiian Trinity to “Ali’i Drive” rosevilekid a.k.a. russet mite michael changed the name of Hawaiian Trinity to “Slum Dogg” after he came down with a mean kine case of Kona Gold Fever)

We have heard both rosevilekid & dirtydog are now using Instagram as a platform to sell their own versions of our strains. They were both warned that we would make their tretcherous actions public, prior to the publishing of this piece, if they refused to see the Light & cease spreading shady slanderous lies about our ‘Ohana = Family online. They both decided to continue spreading hate & attempting to discredit our ‘Ohana = Family, rather than make Pono = Right, as part of a sick & twisted dive deep into the depths of the icy cold waters of cognitive dissonance — as they justified their claims to be the holders of Hawaiian fire, by disrespecting those who lit the torch & passed it to them in the 1st place.

Any genetics acquired from these fake fairweather Facebook friends are bogus bootlegs & are in no way authorized or affiliated with Pua Mana ‘Ohana or Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank.


(Michael Leal, also known as Rosevilekid a.k.a. russet mite mike is in no way affiliated with Pua Mana ‘Ohana or Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank & never was. He simply bought seeds from us & then began incessantly trolling us online after he caught a wicked whooping cough case of Kona Gold Fever)


(On 12/12/2017 Rosevilekid sent these photographs of a Hawaiian Bloodline phenotype found in a 10 pack of seeds of The Blood Bx1 purchased from Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank on 4/16/2017 & — Now he claims that he never sent us this photo to share on social media, that we “stole it from him” & that it was a different strain — as you can see from the receipt proof of purchase & text messages: “that also was a lie” ~ Maury Povitch Pua Mana ‘Ohana M Branch)


Screenshot_20190309-152753Screenshot_20190309-155713(In the text message conversation below, rosevilekid asks one of our Genetic Specialists for help with his russet mite infestation. Too bad he did not ask for assistance for his Kona Gold Fever infection situation. He did not listen to our Genetic Specialists expert advice to alternate releasing Biblical swarms of lady bugs with heavy dustings of diatomacious earth & foliar spraying organic neem oil, until his infestation was cured & chose to go with hazardous chemicals & harmful pesticides — he lost his entire crop of Pakalōlō, as a result, earning him the new name: Russet Mite Mike) 


After seeing how our former Instagram followers like rosevilekid & his dirtydog transformed into rabid animals, with no loyalty, once we gave them what they wanted — spoiled kids who troll & lie online, with no respect for those who provided the Pakalōlō they find so precious, many of our ‘Ohana = Family members decided to follow in the footsteps of Iconic Influential Instagram Leaders like: Paris Jackson & Kendall Jenner, by doing a social media digital detox.


They now enjoy a plain of existence called: the real world — a place that people who live in Instagram take photographs of real quickly, before rapidly returning to their make believe Matrix avatar web world, so they can add filters & emoticons to said picture, all the while, neglecting the real people, plants & animals in the room with them at the time, just so they can seek the approval of strangers, via signals sent digitally through their addictive device of choice.


Those of us who gave up social media to enjoy the real world & focus on real business, are happy as a lady bug on a bud or a stoned dog on a rug — those of us who are still online representing Pua Mana ‘Ohana are focusing on educating those who are hating, so this dire disease does not spread to other heads like lice in a hippies hair-do or hamper, perilously passed like a dirty doobie, when recycling unwashed reusable Hemp-cloth Hippy-Pampers.

Word to the wise from da weeded:

Don’t share dirty doggy’s soggy diapers & beware of catching russet mites when exchanging clones, or worse yet; coming down with a case of the outrageous, contagious cannabis cool-guy cough causing condition known as:

Kona Gold Fever


(Pua Mana ‘Ohana 00 Branch took Kona Gold to a whole new level producing high quality, tropical terpene enhanced extracts & cannabis concentrates. Both @Hawaiian_Cannabis & @papalolo808 of Pua Mana ‘Ohana 00 Branch were targeted by Cyber Bully Pakalōlō Pirates & Canna-competitors gone mad with Kona Gold Fever, resulting in their profiles being shadowbanned on Instagram, due to repeated reports & flaggings of the canna-content they would share in the Spirit of Aloha)

How to Cure Kona Gold Fever:

Share Pakalōlō & Spread Aloha

(Wu Tang Forever intro by RZA)

Wu Tang is for the Children — We teach the Children” ~ Ason Unique, also known as O.D.B. of Wu Tang Clan

Never fear — a cure for Kona Gold Fever is here — growing massive Cannabis Colas & huge Hawaiian Sativa spears!

The cure for Kona Gold Fever is:

None other than…

Kona Gold Herself!!

Cannabis is the Cure!!!

Our mission is to spread Aloha & Hawaiian Pakalōlō ‘Ano ‘Ano = Cannabis Seeds all across the world, so that these rare endangered Hawaiian genetics are no longer exclusive & are available in every dispensary & Genetics Library in existence.


(Kona Gold sprout started from seed by @papalolo808 of Pua Mana ‘Ohana 00 Branch)

Perhaps once these strains are not so rare — people will stop coming down with low vibrational cases of Kona Gold Fever, while claiming to be cooler than other people just because they possess a medicinal plant created by Akua = God for the Healing of the Nations…

Until that Glorious Golden day — we will continue to fight the Good fight for what’s right with our tropical terpene tiki torches burning bright…

If you find yourself around a Pakalōlō puffing person, who happens to be displaying symptoms of Kona Gold Fever; like greed, strain hording, cannabis covetousness & territorial terp-troll behavior with very little flavor — pass that ‘ish like a hot pot potato & share Aloha ASAP, like it was life saving C.P.R. being administered to the super model of your choice — so you do not come down with a cold case of the contagious canna-condition hitting the Cannabis Community like a stampede of several covered weed wagons, driven by swerving, stoned, salivating Pakalōlō Pirate prospectors — a rare dank disease known as:

Kona Gold Fever


Mother Dear, hear me now, gather the children 
for we are California bound.’ 
‘Father, surely you are joking? ‘ my mother said to him. 
‘Think of the children and your health is not too sound.’ 
But all her pleading was to no avail, for father had a fever, 
a gold fever, one that was to run us aground… ~ An excerpt from “Gold Fever” by Victoria Dame

(Blaze up some Hawaiian Pakalōlō & learn mo’ about Kona Gold Fever in this educational episode of the Duck Tales)



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