Sativa Sabotage: Cannabis Industry Industrial Espionage

Sativa Sabotage: Cannabis Industry Industrial Espionage


Someone (or some…thing wearing Fake Dreads on it’s uku = lice infested head) is spreading false rumors, posting fake reviews & slandering members of Pua Mana ‘Ohana all over the internet…


Who could it be & why?


These Canna-Coward Crooks hide behind anonymous Instagram profiles & fake forum avatars to do their dirty deeds online in an attempt to cover their Canna-Crimes…


Never fear — our Dank Detectives & Ganja Gumshoes have amassed substantial evidence, proving Pakalōlō Pirate perpetration — enough to pin the THC-tail on the Pakalōlō Pirate donkeys responsible for polluting the internet with massive mountains of misinformation about Hawaiian Pakalōlō, while disrespecting Genetic Specialists representing Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank, as a means of advancing their sinister agenda…


Join us — as we take a bad trip to the dark side of the budding, blossoming “Cannabis Industry“, here in Hawai’i — in a piece we like to call:


Sativa Sabotage: Cannabis Industry Industrial Espionage



Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank 1st announced our mission of Hawaiian Pakalōlō Preservation in 2014:


We were met with an overwhelmingly positive response on social media, sparked by people searching for old, lost Hawaiian Genetics, strains that many growers thought had went extinct during the War on Drugs.


When we went online to share Mana’o (Knowledge) about Hawaiian medicine, we encountered our 1st pack of Pakalōlō Pirates pushing packs of Greyskull Seeds with little skulls & crossbones on them:


Greyskull’s punk Pakalōlō Pirate posse did not know anything about Hawaiian Pakalōlō & attempted to spread false rumors about Genetics by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank after they had all of our articles erased from the forums for conflicting with their “all bud grown on Maui is Maui Wowie” scam — a scam our Kupuna (Wise Elders) have been dealing with since the 1960’s when Maui Wowie became Globally recognized as one of the most amazing cannabis strains on Planet Pakalōlō.


Maui Wowie is a well known, old school, Hawaiian Sativa strain — preserved & protected by our Hāna Pua Mana ‘Ohana, for Hanauna (Generations):


A few terpene profile analyses & Cannabis Genome sequencing test results from Phylos Bioscience, put that mess about Genetics by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank being authentic to rest:


(Phylos Bioscience Cannabis Genome sequencing test results prove Hawaiian Pakalōlō Genetics are some of the oldest strains left in existence today)


Now, Pakalōlō Pirates are using one of our Genetic Specialists names in vain, as they spread lies, racism & hatred online, in attempts of sabotaging our Hawaiian Pakalōlō Preservation Movement:


Our Braddah, Kerry Huaka’i Emerson, is brave enough to go on The Facebook & the internet with his real name to share our message of Hawaiian Pakalōlō Preservation because he believes in what we do — those slandering us with lies, all hide behind fake names & anonymous reviews:


They even targeted the Late Great Uncle Joseph of Lower Nāhiku, Hāna — disrespecting the legacy of Peace, Love & Pakalōlō he left behind for the people of Maui — replacing it with hatred, lies & misinformation:


(Fake reviews on slander sites like Scamion & RipoffReport, are Greyskull Seeds favorite method of polluting other breeders Google search results with misinformation. In this blatant lie review — Greyskull Seeds disrespects the dead to spread hate. Bad Form Pakalōlō Pirates)

When we 1st began seeing fake rip-off reports & bogus reviews being posted about our ‘Ohana (Family) — we wondered who the Canna-Culprits could be?


Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank policy is to replace any order that is intercepted by international customs, lost in the mail — plus any issues with germination.


If we make a mistake, our policy is to replace with bonus seeds:


Seedbank Error in yo Favor — Collect mo Flavor

If you make a mistake, our policy is to replace your order until you get your garden going properly. We want you to know how wonderful Hawaiian Pakalōlō is, so you will share it with your ‘Ohana (Family) & keep Hawaiian medicine in your Genetics Library for many moons to come.


There should be no reason for anyone to file negative reviews online about Pua Mana ‘Ohana because we take care of our ‘Ohana (Family).


No reason, that is, unless, shady competitors are attempting to file false reviews about Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank as part of a fiendish plot to consolidate the HI Cannabis Industry under their Pakalōlō Pirate Ship banner…



Don’t think anyone would go to such Great lengths to build up their online image, while hiding behind fake profiles, to tear down the reputation of other local breeders in HI?


Think again friend…




Greyskull Seeds began planting fake news articles & forum spam all over the internet in 2010, when their Pakalōlō Pirate posse moved to Maui to import low grade warehouse weed, putting many local farmers out of business by undercutting market prices with pounds of cheap mainland “Midz Medz“:


Screenshot_20190629-120449(In this flagrantly Fake News article, written by a nameless, anonymous author — Greyskull Seeds try to trick people into believing they have the “best weed” the nameless, anonymous author “ever smelled”…something sure does smell fishy: #FakeDreads — Nice try Pakalōlō Pirates)


Pathological liars, like the lame losers representing Greyskull Seeds, will reveal the truth, twisted inside their lies, more often than not, as can be seen in this sentence:


“We’re not going to lie — it was absolutely the best weed we ever smelled”


Remove the filler & fluff — the truth shall be set free:


“We’re … going to lie…”


Everything after that point in this fake news article, promoted by Greyskull Seeds to trick people into buying their shwag seeds, is exactly that: a lie.


As a Great man once sang:


“You can fool some people sometimes — but you can’t fool all the people all the time” ~ Bob Marley


The late Great Bob Marley was also quoted saying:


“Ol’ pirates yes they rob I”


What else do these shady, swashbuckling Pakalōlō Pirate losers lie about?


Blatantly copying the High Times Cannabis Cup — Greyskull Seeds attempts to promote their bunk brand online by posing in Instagram photos at their invite only, fake cannabis cup — a fake cannabis cup that, of course, Greyskull Seeds, themselves, won?!?


Now they promote their seeds with lame labels claiming their “unanimous” fake cannabis cup victory:


Not too difficult to win “unanimously“, when you invite all of the contestants to your very own fake cannabis cup.


To learn mo about Greyskull Seeds Fake Cannabis Cup Canna-Con-test & simulated Sour Dubble Scam — check out this link to an informative thread on the THC Farmer Forums:


Watch out for Greyskull Seeds Fake Sour Dubble Scam!


You can also learn mo about Greyskull Seeds salacious scumbag scams by reading this romping ride of a real dread thread — created in homage to dakine old school P.C. Game — Where in the World is Carmen San Diego:


Where in the World is Greyskull San Diego?


Isn’t it ironic, that the same Pakalōlō Pirates responsible for spreading false rumors about Genetics by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank, while hiding behind fake forum avatars, are actually the ones trying to pass off an imposter version of High Times Cannabis Cup Award winner GG#4 ancestor Sour Dubble to promote their sham of a seed company?


Greyskull Seeds, literally, uses a new, imposter, indica-dominant version of a lost clone only sativa-dominant strain named Sour Dubble:


(Leafly Sour Dubble strain information overview)

What’s worse??




Pakalōlō Pirates representing Greyskull Seeds are in the process of attempting to eliminate all articles & photographs of Hawaiian Pakalōlō online:


(The hashtag #MauiWowie is being targeted for Canna-Cleansing & Ganja Genocide by Pakalōlō Pirates, representing Greyskull Seeds, hiding behind fake Insta-sham accounts)


Bad Form Pakalōlō Pirates


Instagram profiles & posts praising Pua Mana ‘Ohana are being flagged for removal by people who claim to love both Hawai’i & Pakalōlō?


(One of our followers on Instagram @Ohigho422 got his profile deleted after engaging in discussion with Pakalōlō Pirates who reported the DM conversation after tricking him into talking about topics that violate IG terms of service. @Ohigho422 was hunted down by Pakalōlō Pirates for sharing a positive review of GDP Electric, saying he liked it even mo than his local neighborhood dispensary top shelf strain: Velvet Cookies. Mahalo nui loa = Thank you very much for representing #PuaManaOhana @Ohigho422)


If you really loved Pakalōlō & Hawaiian Cannabis Culture; you would be working with us to preserve & protect what we have left of this magical medicines legendary legacy — rather than wasting time online, flagging Hawaiian Pakalōlō posts for removal & spreading racist lies about local breeders, in a feeble attempt to destroy the medicated memory of world renowned Hawaiian Sativa strains like Maui Wowie.


With all the time & energy spent by these energy vampire liars — they could have grown 420 crops of Maui Wowie (even with her long 11 plus week Pua Period or Flower Cycle) to see for themselves, the truth, we all know so well:


Hawai’i Pakalōlō Nō ka ‘oi = Hawaiian Cannabis is the Best


(Maui Wowie can be successfully cultivated indoors under Hawaiian Style photoperiod of 11/13 Light/Dark & thrives outdoors here in Hawai’i — as well as overseas)


These Pakalōlō Pirates are not interested in the truth — they just want to make money selling shwag, hyped-up hybrid seeds (containing zero Hawaiian Pakalōlō Genetics, like Fake Sour Dubble x Butt Bubble & Fart Fire x Cow Pie) with the name “Maui” plastered on their pathetic packs, for marketing purposes; as they constantly troll online, seducing social media members to click on their lie loaded links — while engaging in Sativa Sabotage & Cannabis Industry Industrial Espionage…


Aloha a hui hou

Pua Mana ‘Ohana


~ Pua Mana ‘Ohana and Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank release our rare endangered Hawaiian Genetics for souvenir and preservation purposes ~

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