Maui Wowie 2020 Challenge

~2020 Maui Wowie Challenge~

Everyone knows the name Maui Wowie — even people who do not puff Pakalōlō (Hawaiian for “Cannabis”) get a good ganja giggle at the mere mention of a majestic, magnetic, marijuana moniker like Maui Wowie — how many of us can say we really know Maui Wowie though?

A surprising number of people — when asked if they have ever sampled a magical, mystical maiden named Maui Wowie — will reply:


or even:

“I don’t know

If you have ever enjoyed dakine divinely dank delicacy that is Maui Wowie — you would know.


All who have sing her sweet sativa praises to high Heavens…literally #HIGH

Maui Wowie delivers an up-tempo, crescendo of electric excitement & calm, cool relaxation, quickly relieving tension — sending stress sailing upon the sweetly scented tropical breezes of paradise — with each delightful, euphoric exhale.

Long lasting energetic Sativa-style effects will bless your day, as your cares melt away.

Leafly boasts a bountiful 1405 reviews of Maui Wowie as of this publishing date.

Maui Wowie reviews on Leafly

There is also a special feature that allows you to locate a dispensary near you that carries Maui Wowie:

Terpene profile analysis, reviews & Pakalōlō photographs — all telling a truly tremendous tale about a wild & wonderous Wahine (Woman) named Maui Wowie.

What is your Maui Wowie story??

If your answer is something sad like:

Maui Wowie is a strain I have never had”

We can do something about that.

Our Genetic Specialists have harvested an abundant load of organically cultivated Maui Wowie ‘Ano ‘Ano (Seeds) from our long season 2019 crop & we have mo’ Maui Wowie in production now to supply all who like try our 2020 Maui Wowie Challenge.

Also surprising, is the sheer number of people who say they did not partake in the pleasure of puffing premium Pakalōlō — Maui Wowie — yet still believe they have a right to spread a misinformed opinion all around the internet.

Those who talk the most have the least to say” ~ Lateef the Truthspeaker of Latyrx

(“Bad News” by Latyrx)

Why not — “put yo money where yo mouth is” & make 2020 da year you learn all about Maui Wowie — from personal experience?

Our Gifted Genetic Specialists are on call to assist you in the prolific process of taming a flame named Maui Wowie — whether you choose to grow her indoors under a “Hawaiian Style” 11/13 Light/Dark photoperiod — or outdoors anywhere on God’s Great Green Globe.

IMG_20180531_100732_883(Maui Wowie can be successfully cultivated indoors under a Hawaiian Style 11/13 Light/Dark photoperiod)

Make 2020 the year your Maui Wowie experience manifests into reality — join us, as we bless up some serious kine Hawaiian Pakalōlō prosperity — and come take our 2020 Maui Wowie Challenge @:

Enter coupon code:


and receive %45 OFF ALL ORDERS


Feel free to join da jam — come converse in this diverse discussion — and share your 2020 Maui Wowie Challenge experience with hashtags:




~Mahalo = Thank You~


Aloha a hui hou

Pua Mana ‘Ohana


~ Pua Mana Ohana and Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank release our rare endangered Hawaiian Pakalōlō Genetics for souvenir and preservation purposes — Mahalo = Thank You ~

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