I can’t believe it’s not Buttah: Puna Buddaz vs. Puna “Budder”


A long time ago in a multi-verse far far away…(from da mainland)…

It was the 1960’s — “a very groovy time baby” — according to pop culture icons like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

World travel became increasingly popular in those days, as reasonable air fare allowed for a Golden-Era of global exploration to emerge. Not only could one watch James Bond globetrotting to exotic locations — hot on the trail of vile villains seeking world domination — one could actually visit those desirable destinations, once only dreamed about.


One of the most popular places to visit in the 1960’s & 70’s — a travel trend that continues to this day — was a tropical island paradise named: Hawai’i.


Up until that trippy time — Hawai’i had a very special secret — a medicinal plant known locally as Pakalōlō. Pakalōlō is the Hawaiian word for Cannabis — meaning: Paka = “Tobacco” Lōlō = “Crazy“.

Global Ganja varieties like Afghani, Brazillian, Colombian, Cambodian, Durban, Indian, Panamanian and, of course — the ever so popular Thai — had a new cannabis champion to contend with: Hawaiian.


Hawaiian Pakalōlō soon was internationally recognized as da mos ‘ono (delicious) Cannabis on Planet Earth & became highly sought after — to the point many local growers began exporting Hawaiian medicine to people who had visted & returned home — still craving dakine Pakalōlō of Paradise.

Specific varieties from each area began to emerge as canna-contenders to represent their regions: Colombian Gold, Panama Red & Vietnamese Black.

Here in Hawai’i — one of our mos popular Pakalōlō plants — is known as Puna Buddaz:


Puna Buddaz

The Big Island of Hawai’i has many fire flavors, like dakine, legendary Hawaiian Sativa strain: Kona Gold.

While Kona Gold is indeed a west-side wonder-weed, a trip to the opposite side of the Big Island — deep into the jungle in the Puna District — is well worth the drive, as one of mos potent Pakalōlō plants in history is still alive: Puna Buddaz:


(Puna Buddaz pheno #7 & Puna Buddaz Mauka Purple pheno)

Mahalo (Thanks) to our Hawaiian Pakalōlō Preservationist ‘Ohana (Family) who protected Puna Buddaz through the war on drugs — a war that mistakenly targeted one of the most medicinal plants humanity has ever grown, known & loved —  Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank was able to release Puna Buddaz for future Hanauna (Generations) to enjoy…


Unfortunately, there was an imposter version of Puna Buddaz in circulation, –confusing growers who do not know dakine — a Afghan Indica crossed with a supposed “Hawaiian” to create a new Hybrid strain named Puna… “Budder“…

Puna “Budder

Operation Green Harvest Marijuana Eradication Helicopters hit Hawai’i hard in the 1970’s, 80’s & 90’s.

Hawaiian Pakalōlō Preservationists had to hide our medicine to survive the war on drugs.

As a Great man once sang:

When the cats away the mice will play” ~ Bob Marley


It was during this time, in the 1990’s that a seed company in Amsterdam called T.H.seeds created a false imposter version of Puna Buddaz — named Puna “Budder” — to cash in off a famous strain name from unsuspecting growers, who do not know mo’ betta’, searching for Hawaiian medicine.


T.H.seeds spead their fake Puna “Budder” all over the internet — since the 1990’s — when this salacious scam was sprung on unsuspecting growers searching for Puna Buddaz:


(I can’t believe it’s not..Budder?– It’s Buddaz — Braddah’z, Sistah’z & Mistah’z)

If T.H.seeds had ever (or “eva”, as we say here in Hawai’i) actually visited Puna, on Big Island — they would know nobody says “Budder” — it’s Buddaz, Braddaz & Sistaz. Sometimes spelled: Buddah, Braddah & Sistah — absolutely, never, ever (“neva eva”) prononced: “Budder“.

Puna Buddaz is da original one hitta quitta. She inherits an incredible resistance to mold from being cultivated in Puna, where torrential tropical down pours & hot, humid Hawaiian nights can decimate foreign strains in seconds.


(LEFT: Puna Buddaz pheno #7 RIGHT: Puna Buddaz Mauka Purple pheno in their natural habitat: Puna District — Big Island of Hawai’i)

These are distinguishing characteristics that identify Puna Buddaz.

Puna “Budder” lacks all of the above.

In fact our ‘Ohana on Maui, Moloka’i & on Big I, in Puna, all report Puna “Budder” does not live up to the legend. Puna “Budder” molds easily & is not even close to as potent as Puna Buddaz:


(T.H.seeds fake imposter version of Puna Buddaz renamed Puna Budder — re-booted by Big Island Genetics — no can handle Puna side & it show in da Pakalōlō)

Da proof is in dakine — Pakalōlō pudding — or in this confusion conundrum of a cannabis case: Buddaz.

T.H.seeds discontinued their fake imposter Afghan Hybrid version of Puna Buddaz — renamed Puna “Budder” for marketing purposes — due to backlash from Pakalōlō Preservationists responsible for preserving old Hawaiian strains like Puna Buddaz, Kona Gold & Maui Wowie.


Now a new con of a cannabis company is pushing pink packs of fake Puna Budder & guess who is helping them market their shwag seeds?


Adam Dunn of T.H.seeds creator of the imposter version of Puna Buddaz renamed Puna “Budder” — is shown here with Big Island Genetics pushing fake Puna Budder on Facebook & the Adam Dunn Show:


(Adam Dunn of T.H.seeds with Aaron Zeeman of Big Island Genetics marketing fake Puna “Budder” on the Adam Dunn Show pot-cast)

T.H.seeds, Big Island Genetics & Greyskull Seeds can all be found on Adam Dunn’s Seeds Here Now website — the same scumbags responsible for the Ganja Genocide Cannabis Cleansing Campaign targeting Hawaiian Pakalōlō Preservationists like Pua Mana ‘Ohana:


Cannabis Conspiracy or Rasta Imposta Racketeering rip-off routine??


Puna Buddaz vs. Puna “Budder

IMG_20191209_003301_824(Puna Buddaz in Her Homeland — Puna District — Big Island of Hawai’i)

Puna Buddaz vs. Puna “Budder


(T.H.seeds Puna “Budder” in a weed warehouse somewhere in Amsterdam)

Puna Buddaz vs. Puna “Budder


Puna Buddaz vs. Puna “Budder




  1. Every thing I read here makes lot’s of sense. I once ordered some seeds from Big island genetics. It was there “super mix pack” $35 and they sent there version of Puna diesel as freebies . NOt one seed germinated or sprouted. It is sfe to say they are imposters and they suck LOL


    • Aloha Pua Mana ‘Ohana!

      We heard similar stuff from our ‘Ohana who sampled their Gear.

      Puna Diesel is NYC Diesel re-named.

      Big Island Genetics has a Las Vegas address & phone number on their Facebook page.

      Perhaps, with such Cannabis Casino, seed-shell-game huckster styles — they should change their name to Las Vegas Genetics.

      Growers on Big Island are not happy about dakine fake, imposter version of Puna Buddaz — re-named: Puna “Budder” for marketing purposes.

      Mahalo for sharing your story!!

      Aloha a hui hou
      Pua Mana ‘Ohana


  2. Upon visiting a friend near Pahoa I informed her I needed some herb, as I was coming from Kauai empty handed. She informed her neighbor who came with a quarter ounce of his homegrown, and gave it to me with aloha. As I came to know him, I realized he was a puna elder, that had quite a reputation and was well loved by the local punatics. I thought the flowers he gave me were the best I ever smoked. Anyway I found several seeds inthe the buds and put them in a little bag I marked “hawaiian”. Five years later, and in the late spring of this year, I had the opportunity to sow them on a farm in the Missouri Ozarks. Of the six flowering plants I could legally grow it was the best. I open pollinated it with a male of the same seed and now have a nice stash of seeds of this Puna variety. Have pictures of the flower and seed, that I wish I could share!


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