History of Hawaiian Elephant


PHOTO: Tyke The Outlaw Elephant On A Rampage: Tyke 1974-1994

Hawaiian Elephant is a local Pakalōlō (Cannabis) Cultivar — made popular during the 1960’s & 70’s.

Originally sourced from South East Asia during the Vietnam War — Elephant Bud, as she was called in da 1970’s — was brought to Hawai’i due to her magnificently massive size & powerful effects.

Hawaiian Elephant can hold her own — Cannabis Cup kine royalty — up on da throne. Hawaiian Elephant soon found a home, among Hawaiian legends, like Kona Gold & Maui Wowie.

Hawaiian Elephant Sativa is absolutely out of control — similar to another legendary Hawaiian Elephant…

Tyke The Outlaw Elephant escaped from her trainers in 1994 during a Circus International Performance in Honolulu

Tyke The Outlaw Elephant killed one of her captors & injured 13 other people while running free on a rampage in Kaka’ako District on O’ahu. She was murdered when authorities were unable to contain her. She ran wild for over 20 minutes in downtown Honolulu before she was executed in the streets & left to bleed to death

Tyke The Outlaw Elephant was originally captured n Mozambique, Africa. Born in 1974 & taken around the Globe in a boat — she was forced to perform for audiences until her sad demise

In 2018 Hawai’i State Legislators banned Wild Animal Performances in the name of Tyke The Outlaw Elephant

Our Old School Hawaiian Elephant Sativa ‘Ano ‘Ano (Seed) Drop 2020 release is also in da name of:

Tyke The Outlaw Elephant

A portion of proceeds & profits will be donated to charities that raise awareness about inhumane Wild Animal Circus Performances

Similar to Tyke The Outlaw Elephant — Hawaiian Elephant Sativa is Out of Control

A Hawaiian Flame Impossible To Tame

To learn mo about Da Tragic Tale of Tyke The Outlaw Elephant check out our Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank Facebook Page…

We have some epic Genetics coming soon…

Hawaiian Elephant

Hawaiian Elephant (or just plain old Elephant), is a legendary Hawaiian Sativa named for her incredible size!

While Elephant is an old strain — there really is nothing plain about her — Elephant is a sweet Hawaiian flower with a unique seductive scent and tasty tropical terpenes.

While many growers in Hawai’i had to grow smaller strains to avoid Green Harvest helicopters back in the day — now, with the re-legalization of the Healing of the Nations — we can bring Hawaiian Elephant out of hibernation for righteous representation!!

White Elephant

(Hawaiian Elephant x Aloha White Widow)

What do we get when our Gifted Genetic Specialists cross 1 of da mos massive Hawaiian Sativa strains on Earth with 1 of da mos potent Pakalōlō plants on da Planet?

We get a wild Wāhine named White Elephant.

A Hawaiian Hybrid of ’98 Aloha White Widow and a legendary Sativa strain named Elephant.

Elephant is world renown for her sweet tropical flavor, uplifting Hawaiian Sativa effects and her sizable structure — a untamed flame who grows as high as a Hale (House)…literally

Hawaiian Elephant also takes you higher than da ceiling. She is da real ting.

’98 Aloha White Widow is a lovely lady who needs no weed introduction — as potent as can be — Da Widz (as she is known here in Hawai’i) is top shelf smoke. Volcanic and Organic.

White Elephant is huge, healthy & wealthy when it comes to shiny trichomes adorning her like precious jewels sparking in da sun on a hot Hawaiian day.

After a visit from White Elephant — it may be time to call it a hot Hawaiian night — as she is so potent she could put an Elephant down for a cat nap.


(Hawaiian Elephant x Skunk Dawg)

Elephant-Skunk-Dawg is a evolutionary step in da right direction when it comes to our HI Hybridz collection.

Maui Skunk Dawg is a hybrid of Skunk & Chem Dawg that is extremely popular Pakalōlō — due to her heady, hashy high & supa skunky scent.

Crossing Skunk Dawg with Hawaiian Elephant is Heaven sent.

Anyone who has cultivated either Hawaiian Elephant or Skunk Dawg know there is a size differential. Hawaiian Elephant is huge as a Hale (House) — while Skunk Dawg is somewhat small & skrawny, yet such a strong, stinky survivor she earned her place on Maui — where high quality Pakalōlō is da name of da Flame Game.

Elephant-Skunk-Dawg is da perfect balance of talents, dankness & deliciousness.

Dat just right kine Pakalōlō porrage from dakine legend of Kona Gold-i-dreadlocks & da 3 Blunted Bears.

Elephant-Skunk-Dawg is a bud bird of another feather — perfect for outdoor whereva, long season, short season wheneva, whateva da weather.

Elephant-Skunk-Dawg is yet another tremendous testament to Hawaiian Pakalōlō resiliency — a HI Hybrid sure to delight.

Speaking of…

Does anyone have a Light?

Coming soon…

(Hawaiian Sativa)

(Elephant x Maui Skunk Dawg)

White Elephant
(Elephant x ’98 Aloha White Widow)



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