Where in da World did Hawaiian Pakalōlō Come From…


Where in da World did Hawaiian Pakalōlō Come From…


Aloha Pua Mana ‘Ohana!


Maui Wowie…


Would you look at da time…


It’s 4:20 Hawai’i time…you know dakine…


Ahh…dat’z mo like it…now where were we…


Oh yes…Hawaiian Pakalōlō…let’s talk-story…


Today, it is currently, dank date 2/22/2020 — Pakalōlō (a Hawaiian Word for “Cannabis” meaning Paka = Tobacco & lōlō = Crazy) is being re-legalized for medicinal & recreational purposes all around Planet Earth — a once outlawed plant, with countless medical benefits, is now being legitimized.


We live in a Great Ganja Time — A Pakalōlō Prosperity Period of Infinite Pot-ential. In Order To Understand Our Future — We Must First Know Our Past…


What you know about Hawaiian Pakalōlō?


Sure, you have heard of Maui Wowie (Who hasn’t) perhaps you have even puffed Her precious Pua (Flower). We all know of Her Mana (Powerful) Medicine. But do you know where Maui Wowie & other classic, old school Hawaiian legends like Kona Gold, Kaua’i Electric, Moloka’i Purpz, Hawaiian Duckfoot, Hawaiian Elephant & Hawaiian Bloodline came from originally??


Our Dank Detectives have tracked many of da mos’ famous Hawaiian Pakalōlō flame names, Genetic Ancestry & righteous roots back many Moon’s — through tropical monsoons — to bring you da THC-Truth…dat iz…if you can handle it…


You can’t handle the Truth” 


Hawaiian Bloodline


The Blood is an old school Hawaiian Sativa legend who displays a unique phenotype variation:


A distinct red “Bloodline” traveling up stems & through leaf veins. Some phenotypes even bleed a red or black sweet, sticky sap.


When burning one Hawaiian style doobie of The Blood — a red resin will bleed so severely, it can stain clothing — similar to merchandise made with Hawaiian Red Dirt.


Many Hawaiian strains display Blood phenotype variations such as: Kona Gold, ‘Alenuihāhā & Maui Blood. 


Another really recognizable reefer is a big bud bird called Hawaiian Duckfoot…


Hawaiian Duckfoot


Our Ganja Gumshoe Dank Detective Genetic Specialists tracked Hawaiian Duckfoot back over 200 years!


A bodacious bud botanist, by the name of Sir Joseph Banks, was a well known Cannabis enthusiast who required ‘Ano ‘Ano (Seeds) of a wide variety, of Pakalōlō varieties, to be carried on board ships sailing the sea. Some strains were hearty Hemp varieties for sails, ropes & parchment — others medicinal & recreational Cannabis flavors — collected while travelling around da Great Ganja Globe.


Sir Joseph Banks was on board Captain James Cook’s voyage to Tahiti — prior to his arrival here in Hawai’i. It is rumored Banks became unpopular with Cook after participating in local rituals on Tahiti. Banks was not on board when Captain Cook travelled to Kealekekua Bay — one of Banks favorite heavy duty, recreational & medicinal marijuana strains was, however, on board — when Captain Cook made 1st contact with Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) Ancestors: Hawaiian Duckfoot.


Duckfoot varieties can be found in Australia & Hawai’i — slightly different phenotype variations — due to their Geographic location & isolation in the Pacific Ocean. 


Hawaiian Duckfoot is extremely popular on Big Island — where local Pakalōlō Preservationists have preserved & protected her despite one of da mos intensive airborne marijuana eradication programs in the Nation — Operation Green Harvest.


Hawaiian Elephant


Speaking of Operation Green Harvest…


Helicopters had no issue spotting this Elephant from high altitudes — Hawaiian Elephant is massive marijuana. Hawaiian Elephant barely survived the War on Drugs — a Weed War that was, sadly, successful & claimed many Hawaiian Pakalōlō strains of legend.


Our Maui ‘Ohana (Family) — who still preserve & protect Hawaiian Elephant to this very day — tell us Hawaiian Elephant was originally sourced in South East Asia during the Vietnam War & smuggled home to Hawai’i by local Pakalōlō Growers.


Hawaiian Elephant soon became a World renown strain name — along with Champion Cannabis Cultivars like Kona Gold, Kaua’i Electric & Maui Wowie…


Kona Gold


Legendary” is a perfect word to describe da vibe of Kona Gold — a Hawaiian Sativa from Big I, Kona side — where sunsets produce a Green Flash in ocean tides along Ali’i Drive.


Though da legend of Kona Gold is known — what is not, as well known, is her hashy heritage.


Ganja Gossiping Gonad fondlers — lacking any actual knowledge or experience with Kona Gold — are extremely aggressive spreading rumors online about her origins. 


Some claimed Kona Gold was merely Colombian Gold — Grown in Kona — Phylos Bioscience Cannabis Genome sequencing lab test results & our Genetic Specialist experience with both individual strains, easily, disprove this Cannabis Myth. Kona Gold “Hawaiian Bloodline” phenotype shows how distant Colombian Gold & Kona Gold truly are.


Our Genetic Specialists eyewitness — along with nose-witness — accounts depict two completely different terpene profiles for Kona Gold & Columbian Gold.


Columbian Gold reeks of ripe lime & mega mint, mojito-esq flavor. Her structure is seven leaf, stable, sub-tropical Sativa style. Colombian Gold looks, tastes & smells nothing like Kona Gold.


Kona Gold smells like sweet Sativa, serenely saturated in sticky, savoury tropical honey & pineapple juice scented cannabis crystals.


We encourage you to sample both strains so you can see for yourself…


An article in Maui Times dispersed diaper doo-doo disinformation & Kona Gold Fever Fake News all throughout the internet in 2018 — when Maui Dispensary owners, (who did not have any Hawaiian Pakalōlō in stock when they opened their doors day 1) — attempted to take credit for preserving & protecting Kona Gold.


Many Growers Get Kona Gold or other rare Cannabis Cultivars & develop a devious disease known locally as “Pakalōlō Possession” or “Kona Gold Fever“. 


To learn mo’ about this contagious canna-condition — pick up a Pakalōlō page turner titled:


Kona Gold Fever: Green Ganja Greed


A question our Genetic Specialists have for Maui Dispensaries claiming to hold collections of “Heirloom Hawaiian” strains like “Puna Butter”, “Pre-72 Maui” or Maui Wowie & Kona Gold were preserved & protected in their collection — as egotistically & flagrantly false fakers, so state, in their awful article, about their 2018 Kona Gold Dispensary release — is this:


Why did this Maui Dispensary wait to release Kona Gold until September 6th in 2018?


If they had Kona Gold when they were allowed to open their dispensary doors in  July of 2016??


When this dispensary opened, what did they have on their shelves — was it Kona Gold, “Puna Budder” & “Pre-72 Maui” Wowie — no they had their shwag shelves stocked, with mainland midz style strains, they purchased at trade shows like HI Cannabis Expo.


Puna Budder” & “Pre-72 Maui” Wowie both are names put on packs by Pakalōlō Pirate perpetrators who frequent trade shows to sell seeds. 


To learn mo’ about dat dastardly phony Pakalōlō poser punk-pheno “Puna Budder” — check out our assault of an article:


I can’t believe it’s not Buddah: Puna Buddaz vs. “Puna Budder


We all know where they acquired Kona Gold — especially when Hanauna (Generations) of Kona Keiki (Youth) came up not knowing Kona Gold due to dangerous cultivation condition unsuitable for long flowering Hawaiian Sativa strains like Kona Gold — da same ‘Ohana (Family) that doubters & haters (who had zero Hawaiian Pakalōlō in their dispensaries on opening day) claimed could not do what we are doing this very day — bring back old school Hawaiian Pakalōlō legends: Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank.


Kaua’i Electric


Speaking of legends…


It doesn’t Get too much mo’ legendary, than a Hawaiian Sativa strain named: Kaua’i Electric.


Mt. Wai’ale’ale was her home — until a big bust discouraged some Pakalōlō Preservationists from continuing to cultivate cannabis outdoors on Kaua’i. Green Harvest helicopters were intense & invasive on a picturesque paradise known as “The Garden Island” — in those dark, dank, dazed days…


Luckily, a few Freedom Fighting, Guerilla Growing, Cannabis Crusaders continued to cultivate — despite dangerous conditions…


During da 1990’s, South Side & East Side had a childish cannabis clash over who had da “real deal” Kaua’i Electric — according to local sources East Side “dropped a dime” on South Side holders of Kaua’i Electric — who were, sadly, subsequently, busted for breeding bud. 


In a karmatic twist of fate — East Sider-Sativa-Snitches, who, jealously, caused South Side Ganja-Grower-G’z to be arrested, for preserving & protecting Hawaiian Medicine — then cross pollinated their “Kauai Electrics” line, while doing multiple breeding projects, on a small property. They no longer have a un-adulterated Kaua’i Electric line — if they ever even had it to begin with — what remains is an unstable hybrid with a high level of Genetic Variation.


Pollen can travel miles upon winds & plumeria scented tropical breezes — on a acre or less. Cross pollination of multiple cannabis cultivars is an issue that arises often — as “breeders” — make many new strains, with many new names.


Sadly, we are losing our old classic cannabis names — like Kaua’i Electric — as cross pollination continues. Old embers like Kaua’i Electric are extinguished — so lames who play Games with flames can claim fame…


Maui Wowie


Is there a mo’ famous marijuana moniker than Maui Wowie?


Maui Wowie earned her fame & her well known, notorious nugget name. 


Do you know where & when Maui Wowie was named??


Well…I Am Glad You Asked…


Maui Wowie was bestowed her big bloom, bona fide, bonfire-kine, beautiful bud botany bling MMJ moniker, at a psychedelic Summer Solstice celebration — during da 1960’s — in Lower Nāhiku Maui.


To learn mo’ about da mos’ famous MMJ moniker on Planet Pakalōlō — dive into this dank drama:


Will dakine @real Maui Wowie Please Stand Up???


When pondering Pakalōlō & dat $420,000,000 question — where did dat Maui Wowie plant come from originally — our Nāhiku ‘Ohana (Family) say Maui Wowie can be traced back many Hanauna (Generations) on Maui. Maui Wowie is as old school as Hawaiian Pakalōlō Gets.


As far as medicated memory can record, Maui Wowie can be found on Maui — prior to Maui — local legend has it a Inter-Galactic-Planetary Pakalōlō pipeline from da Pleades is da only proper place she could have originated. U.F.O. or Galactica & other magical Maui marijuana monikers — reflect this bugged out bud belief. Lower Nāhiku Landing could be called “Da Landing” for a wild, wide variety of reasons…


Or perhaps psychedelics brought us not only her nice nug name — but also inter-dimensional extra-terrestrial Pakalōlō Pleades tourists — attracted to musical vibrations, who like talk-story in a multi-verse far far away…(from da mainland)…


Mean da dope, eh...” ~ Uncle Guys


Back to da Future, Sativa Science & Planet Earth…


Maui Wowie is known historically to be one of da 1st Pakalōlō strains to test in da teens for THC percentage. Psychedelic, trippy — cerebral cannabis to da max — like dat.


Displaying an extremely low level of Genetic Variation — lab tests reveal what our Kūpuna (Wise Elders) feel: Maui Wowie is as old school as cannabis can be…


Moloka’i Purpz


While, our Nāhiku ‘Ohana joke: Maui Wowie may have been brought by extra-terrestrial visitors from the Pleades — we can say Mahalo (Thanks) to our flying feathered friends for fortunate arrivals like: Moloka’i Purpz.


Literally, High, above Moana (Ocean) waves — upon da tallest sea cliffs in the World — a hidden Hawaiian Gem was found by an adventurous local Hawaiian farmer, far, far from home on a Huaka’i (Journey)… 


That, rare & righteous Hawaiian Indica — a ripe rose who reeks of pungent “purple” — is known as: Moloka’i Purpz.


Moloka’i Purpz is rumored to be an ancient descendent of a Purple Nepalese Hashplant — brought to Moloka’i Pali by migrating birds — with very expensive THC-taste. Future lab tests will assist us in determining our favorite Hawaiian Pakalōlō plants origins…


As “they” say:


“All roads lead to Rome” 


When & how many Hawaiian Pakalōlō cultivars came to Hawai’i (like all people, plants & cultural customs, that arrived here in HI — an isolated island chain in da Pacific Ocean) remains a mystery in many cannabis cases…


What we do know is: Hawaiian Pakalōlō is indeed (or in-weed) — some special, sweet, sticky stuff — sweet, sticky stuff dat legends are made of…


To learn mo’ about Hawaiian Pakalōlō plants & Hidden Hawaiian History — our Genetic Specialist highly recommend you read our reefer research article @:


Hawaiian Pakalōlō Roots: Hawaiian History 420


Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much) for representing Pua Mana ‘Ohana and for choosing Hawaiian Genetics for your Garden!!


Aloha a hui hou 

Pua Mana ‘Ohana

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