Hawaiian Pakalōlō 4/20/2020


Hawaiian Pakalōlō 2020


We made it to da future 420 Fam!


Vaporizers, Terpene Profile Analyses & Dispensaries…”oh my“…


4/20/2020 a futuristic present — where we find ourselves blessed to represent Hawaiian Pakalōlō!!


If you no already know — Pakalōlō is a Hawaiian word for “Cannabis” — meaning Paka = Tobacco & Lōlō = Crazy.


It’s 2020 ‘Ohana (Family) — 33 of the United States of America have passed legislation legalizing Pakalōlō for Medical purposes. 11 have decided to extend protections to include recreational use. It is high time you learn about Hawaiian Pakalōlō — if you no already know…


Maui Wowie, Kona Gold & Kaua’i Electric are world renown, luxurious, long-flowering Hawaiian sativa strains. Hawaiian Sativa is Pakalōlō of da proverbial kine: Cream of da Cannabis Crop. Hawaiian Sativa deserves her spot on top.


When it comes to Hawaiian Indica varieties — Puna Buddaz, Moloka’i Purpz & Hawaiian Duckfoot rock da flock — though mo’ rare, they still beyond compare.


Mahalo (Thanks) to extremely exotic efforts of our Hawaiian Pakalōlō Preservation ‘Ohana (Family) — known here in Hawai’i as: Pua Mana ‘Ohana (Flower Power Family) — we can still share these magical, medicinal Hawaiian Pakalōlō Genetics & Mana’o (Knowledge) about their old-school origins for future Hanauna (Generations) to enjoy…


Come, join us, as we take a 420 hour tour of a trippy, tripped out, trip — through dakine Past, Present & Future of Hawaiian Pakalōlō History…


Hawaiian Pakalōlō Past




Did you know Hawaiian Pakalōlō roots run deep?


So deep — in fact — we can trace them back over two centuries!!


Hawaiian Duckfoot is believed to be a Cannabis Cultivar carried by da British Fleet & distributed along Pacific trade routes.


A Australian Duckfoot variety can be found a few islands to da East of Hawai’i. Original Hawaiian Duckfoot is still in circulation on Big Island — where it is believed that she arrived in 1779.


To learn mo about pre-1960’s Hawaiian Pakalōlō History — check out our Mana’o (Knowledge) article:


Hawaiian Pakalōlō Rootz: Hawaiian History 420


Hawaiian Pakalōlō remained a secret until an era of Peace, Love & Pakalōlō permeated dakine tye-dyed fabric of time — Giving birth to internationally known names like Maui Wowie, Kaua’i Electric & Kona Gold.


1960’s, 70’s & 80’s


In da 1960’s an island secret became common Cannabis community Mana’o (Knowledge):


Hawai’i Pakalōlō Nō ka ‘oi = Hawaiian Cannabis is the Best


There were once countless Cannabis cultivars preserved & protected by our Pua Mana ‘Ohana (Family). Named after Ahu pua’a land divisions like Kāu, Anahola & Nāhiku.


A mos famous marijuana moniker: “Maui Wowie” was applied to an old-school Hawaiian Sativa strain from Lower Nahiku Maui during a 1960’s Summer Solstice Celebration. Prior to being named Maui Wowie — she was known as Nahiku Budz or just Nahiku.


A truly tremendous Kailua-Kona cultivar was dubbed Kona Gold in competition with other “Gold” Ganja from locations like Columbia.


Kona Gold wins that round — hands down — double shaka up. Kona Gold is some seriously potent stuff.


Kaua’i Electric was named due to her Geographical origin area above Powerline Trail on Kaua’i — along with her electrifying effects.


Kaua’i Electric is a Ganja Goddess. All who have been blessed to make her acquaintance can share this story with you. None will dispute her high quality.


Now, Mahalo (Thanks) to re-legalization of dakine Healing of the Nations — we can showcase & share da Genetics that made Hawaiian Pakalōlō strains Greenhouse-hold-names.


Unfortunately, a marijuana eradication program called Green Harvest began eliminating Hawaiian Pakalōlō in the late 1970’s. The Garden Island of Kaua’i was hit particularly hard & fine flavors like Kaua’i Electric went underground — protected by Freedom Fighting, Guerilla Growing Pakalōlō Preservationists.


Many positive people were busted for buds along da Pakalōlō path to Freedom.


Especially in the 1980’s & 90’s — when Green Harvest Helicopters became da new official State Bird of Hawai’i — replacing our endangered feathered friend: da Nēnē Goose.


Hawaiian Pakalōlō was soon to become an Endangered Species Herself…


1990’s, 2000-2020


In the 1990’s Hawaiian Pakalōlō was as rare as a Big Island Beef steak in a freezer.


One simply does not freeze Big Island Beef & a cold steak is as rare as can be.


Long flowering Hawaiian sativa strains were difficult to impossible to pull off due to Ganja-Grid Pakalōlō-Patterns mapped by Green Harvest Helicopters & small surveillance aircraft.


Depending on what particular parcel of Paradise one propagated Pakalōlō — places like Puna were hit hard by Helicopters causing fast-flower flavors like Puna Buddaz & ’98 Aloha White Widow to replace legendary long-flower flavors like Maui Wowie & Kona Gold for practical purposes.


It truly is a fortunate fate that we began re-legalizing prior to Ganja Google Earth Sativa Satellite Styles — or we may not have such sweet smiles.


Hawai’i became the 1st State to re-legalize marijuana for medical use through Act 228 — legalization Legislation introduced by our Representatives & passed in the year 2000 — codified in the Hawai’i Revised Statutes at part IX, Chapter 329.


In 2014 Alaska & Oregon passed Recreational Legalization Measures — showing our ‘Ohana (Family) here in Hawai’i — worldwide decriminalization of the Healing of the Nations could be seen rising upon da horizon.


Pua Mana ‘Ohana went public with our Hawaiian Pakalōlō Preservation projects in 2014.


In 2015 Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank began distributing rare, endangered Hawaiian Pakalōlō ‘Ano ‘Ano (Seeds) to medical patients in HI, AK, CA, CO & WA. Our online website went live in 2017 @:




Our Medical Cannabis Dispensary Program was created by Act 241 & is codified in the Hawaii Revised Statutes — Chapter 329D in 2015.


Dispensaries here in Hawai’i, on da mainland & overseas in legal Countries — now carry Genetics by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank.


Hawaiian Pakalōlō is making a righteous resurgence!!!


Hawaiian Pakalōlō Present


Cannabis Captain’s Log: Stardate 2020…


Our HI Hybridz collection — featuring popular Pakalōlō plants like GG#4 bred with old-school Hawaiian legends like Kona Gold to create Godzilla Glue #44 & Cali Classics like GDP blessed up by Kaua’i Electric to make a match made in paradise known as GDP Electric — have helped raise awareness about how epic Hawaiian Pakalōlō truly is.


Maui Mango Diesel — a Hawaiian Hybrid of Maui Wowie x Brooklyn Mango — is being recognized by Cannabis Industry Heavyweights like TJ’s Organic Gardens (Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Tasting Bud on Earth with their TJ’s Durban Poison) & Willie’s Reserve (Willie Nelson’s Cannabis Company) for her heavenly Hawaiian Healing dat takes you higher den da ceiling!


Cannabis Genome sequencing lab test results prove Hawaiian Pakalōlō is da real ting!!


We are seeing dispensaries & Cannabis Companies enthusiastically adding Hawaiian Pakalōlō to their medical menus.


Does your town have Hawaiian Pakalōlō available for what ails you???


It’s 2020 ‘Ohana (Family)…


High Time you learn what we already know so well here in Hawai’i:


Hawai’i Pakalōlō Nō ka oi = Hawaiian Cannabis is the Best!!!


Hawaiian Pakalōlō Future


Da future is now!


Hawaiian Pakalōlō Future is in our hands.


When you “choose…wisely…” by cultivating Hawaiian Pakalōlō in your Garden, carrying Hawaiian Pakalōlō on your Dispensary shelves or selecting Hawaiian Pakalōlō as your connoisseur cannabis cultivar of choice — you assist Pua Mana ‘Ohana in ensuring future Hanauna (Generations) are allowed to enjoy Hawaiian Pakalōlō.


Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much) for representing Pua Mana ‘Ohana and for choosing Hawaiian Genetics for your Garden!!


Aloha a hui hou

Pua Mana ‘Ohana


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