Pakalōlō Paleontology 420

Pakalōlō Paleontology 420


Leaf Legends & Sativa Science


Old school — Prehistoric Pakalōlō — many legends are told, about Maui Wowie, Kaua’i Electric & dat, ever-so elusive: Kona Gold.


The thing is…It’s all true…Maui Wowie…Kona Gold…All of it…” ~ General of Ganja Han “Sativa” Solo


Speaking of Cinematic Cannabis…


The above modified MMJ style quote — from the Star Wars saga — can be attributed to a leader of the Rebellion who fought for Freedom. Those of us responsible for preserving & protecting Hawaiian medicine, during Pakalōlō Prohibition, risked our freedom (& mo’) to pass da’ peace pipe on for future Hanauna (Generations)…


Many Bothans…died to bring us this information…” ~ Da Mon Mothma of MMJ — Return of the Jedi 


Phylos Bioscience Genome Sequencing 


Anyone can tell a tall-THC-tale, a stoney story, or send da’ listener (or reader) to Weed Wonderland with Words — how many can Prove Da Groove?


Phylos Bioscience Cannabis Genome sequencing provides a Sativa-Scientific perspective on Pakalōlō of da’ Past, Present & Future…


Examining Genetic Variation — we can see how Old School a variety, truly, is — similar to rings inside a tree revealing da’ experience, environmental conditions & age of da’ tree:


These trees have been in canna-circulation for many medicated moons — proven by da’ low level of Genetic Variation displayed by Kona Gold — Hawaiian Bloodline, her Keiki (Offspring), as well as an inebriating island indica, known locally as: Hawaiian Duckfoot.


Terpene profile analyses show us da’ incredibly dank diversity dwelling within our favorite tropical Tree of Life. 


Beyond science — a mystical, magical realm of realness that few could handle or dismantle…

You can’t handle da’ Truth” ~ Ka’ale and The Truth


Dank Detective Weed Work


To track down tasty tropical THC terpene trees, Our Gifted Genetic Specialists went to da’ source: Our Kūpuna (Wise Elders). Talking story & burning one (or mo’) doobies wit Uncle & Auntie Guys, can open doors, you would not believe exist — perhaps if you did — you would search for one exit.


“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is: Infinite..” ~ William Blake Huxley


We revived many medicinal miracles being preserved & protected by Pua Mana ‘Ohana — Old School Hawaiian Legends of Leaf like Kauai’i Electric, Kona Gold & of course: Maui Wowie.


Those who lived to tell da’ tale from da’ 1960’s & 70’s can verify da’ high — one can also examine lab test — though da’ best way is to try…


Speaking of High…


A Stoney Story of Pakalōlō Past for da Trail


A long rhyme flow ago in a multi-verse far far away…(from da’ mainland)…


Da’ year was 2017…Kalalau Valley on da’ Hawaiian island of Kaua’i… 


A member of Pua Mana ‘Ohana (& Kalalau Special Forces) was spreading the ashes of a Loved One while mourning & meditating, during a perilous period of Hidden Hawaiian History…


Outlaws had risen to a level unseen — since the 1970’s — in Kalalau Valley, Hawaiians, Hippies & Pakalōlō Pirates…”oh my”


Word on da Trail:


A new wave of Lost Boy, Ganja-Girl style Children of da Cannabis Corn had taken up refuge in Kalalau Valley — upsetting local Hawaiian History preservationists, due to da’ fact they were unearthing ancient archaeological sites of significance, to salvage stones, for building a Pizza Oven — along with many hippy homes made of stone, deep in da Valley. Every Kalalau Outlaw knows Spiritual Pizza is cooked on open fire in Cast Iron pans (or “Casties“) but datz another story…


Battles between Lost Boys, Ganja-Girls & Beach dwelling Pakalōlō Pirates, began to intensify — as rival tribes claimed territory, in one of Planet Earth’s mos’ magnificent Wilderness Reserves — all da’ while neglecting to notice: 


A State Park is preserved & protected for all of US. 


It was during this time — that a Hawaiian Sativa strain known as: Hawai’i ’78 or “Jurassic Budz” — proved just how prolific Hawaiian Pakalōlō @really IZ…


Sweet Lady of Waiāhole In Kalalau


Hawai’i ’78 or Jurassic Budz was once called Sweet Lady of Waiāhole — named for Her Ahupua’a of Origin — on da’ Hawaiian island of O’ahu, right up da road from Kualoa Ranch, where Jurassic Park & her numerous Keiki (Offspring) were filmed.


Meanwhile…on Kaua’i…


Where Jurassic Park was, also, filmed…


Kalalau Outlaws found a hacky-sack (a preference for our Pua Mana ‘Ohana 00 Branch, for smuggling purposes, during Pakalōlō Prohibition) containing ‘Ano ‘Ano (Seeds) — very special seeds indeed — these were magic beans that, when fully cultivated to perfection, are known as: Jurassic Budz!


Hawaiians & Hippies, alike, have escaped from “reality“, for a period — to cultivate a crop of Pakalōlō in Kalalau Valley — or along da’ breathtaking picturesque Nā Pali Coast. Dakine spot right off Red Hill didn’t Get da name “Growers Trail” fo’ no-ting…;-)


Countless cannabis cultivator connoisseurs have bred Hybrids, hoping for Short Season Wonder Weed, suitable for Guerrilla Growers of Gorilla & Godzilla Glue. HI78 mo’ betta…


An amazing Kalalau Kush phenotype with hints of Strawberry & Guava was in circulation. Healing of da Nations. Nothing quite could hold a candle (as artificial Light is rare in Kalalau) to Hawai’i ’78. A quote from one of our Outlaw ‘Ohana (Family) who shared seeds & stories of her Pakalōlō Prowess:


She Just Like Grow Here” ~ Mo’ili


Torrential tropical downpours make many Designer Dank Glamor Ganja strains wither away, despite their multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. Only real Hawaiian Pakalōlō can survive tru dakine. Other strains — just names of fame — lacking flame.


It was a tremendous torrential downpour (April 2018) that led to flooding on Kaua’i, closing Kalalau Trail, eventually put a halt to human residents claiming territory — in sacred Kalalau Valley — while cultivating cannabis to their happy hippy hearts delight. 


It is rumored, a few hardcore Outlaws, still remain, hidden in Kalalau Valley — cultivating Hawaiian Pakalōlō… 


Speaking of Jurassic Park & Pakalōlō Paleontology…


Is it a cannabis coincidence that Hawaiian Pakalōlō ‘Ano’ Ano resemble miniature, medicated, Velociraptor eggs:

If you enjoyed this Huaka’i  (Journey) into our underground, sub-aquatic Weed World — Can learn mo’ about Hawaiian Pakalōlō @:


Hawaiian Pakalōlō History: 420


Mahalo nui loa (Thank You Very Much) for representing Pua Mana ‘Ohana and for choosing Hawaiian Genetics for your Garden!!


Aloha a hui hou 

Pua Mana ‘Ohana 


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