What happened to Hawaiian Pakalōlō?

 What happened to Hawaiian Pakalōlō?

What happened to Hawaiian Pakalōlō” is an all too common question these days in the Aloha State — a place once known worldwide for exporting legendary Hawaiian Pakalōlō strains like Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, Puna Buddaz and Kaua’i Electric.

Hawai’i re-legalized Pakalōlō for medical use in 2000 after decades of a sadly successful airborne eradication program known as Operation Green Harvest that seized some of the most medicinal marijuana on planet Pakalōlō and flew away into the breathtaking Hawaiian sunset with plants hanging from helicopters.

17 years after medical marijuana was introduced, Hawai’i got dispensaries approved and open for medical patients to acquire safe, tested legal medicine!

One look at a dispensary menu here in Hawai’i or elsewhere on Earth may have you asking the same question:

What happened to Hawaiian Pakalōlō?

In order to answer this question we will have to embark on a Huaka’i (Journey) through the past, present & future of Hawaiian Pakalōlō…

~Healing the Nations: Old School Hawaiian Style~

1969 during the Summer of Love on the Hawaiian islands was a pretty “far out” place to be — literally as Hawai’i is the most isolated island chain on Earth.

It is precisely this isolation that allowed Hawaiian Pakalōlō genetics to adapt and change over decades, perhaps even centuries, producing tropical terpenes and essential oils that are so unique and wonderful they could only be a product of paradise — also known as Hawai’i.

Though many visitors and immigrants to Hawai’i brought Pakalōlō from their homelands to grow outdoors with our blessed year round seasons, all Haole (Alien) strains flavor fell flat in comparison to the complex tropical terpene Pua (Flower) of paradise. Many Haole (alien) strains were not able to survive high HI humidity and torrential downpours, making it all the more apparent how long Hawaiian strains must have been here to become Hawaiian.

With world travel more convenient and faster than ever before, word soon got out about our special strains as Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, Puna Buddaz and Kaua’i Electric became world famous as the best cannabis cultivars on Earth!

~Get to da choppa: Pakalōlō Eradication~

Word did indeed get out as photographs and testimonials of giant elephant sized Hawaiian Pakalōlō plants graced grateful Pakalōlō publications like High Times Magazine in the 60’s and 70’s — allowing outsiders a chance to take a longing look at what happens behind the Hawaiian green scene…

In the late 1970’s a dark cloud came to haunt and hover above the thriving island Pakalōlō culture here in Hawai’i, as Operation Green Harvest began scouring the skies for our medicine.

Many old school Pakalōlō growers here in Hawai’i lost their freedom, families and financial well being as we were persecuted for planting Pakalōlō…

~Pakalōlō Infiltration: Too cool for Old School~

’98 Aloha White Widow was perhaps the trendiest non-Hawaiian strain to claim fame here in Hawai’i. Arriving twenty years after Operation Green Harvest began at the perfect time for local growers searching for a faster flower with plenty power! Rivaling legendary Hawaiian Indica Puna Buddaz in terms of strength and potency — ’98 Aloha White Widow quickly became a green-house-hold name on Big Island.

One island away on Maui where Hawaiian sativa strains Maui Wowie and Kona Gold have always enjoyed a sort of sibling rivalry (some even say the giant sign at the Maui airport saying “Maui Nō ka ‘oi” = “Maui is the best” is a remnant from the old Kona Gold vs. Maui Wowie feud as Big Island bud smugglers would be greeted by a big sign that said “Maui Nō ka ‘oi” letting them know they could take their Big Island bud back home) the pressure of Operation Green Harvest was being felt and faster flowering strains were being created and sourced to combat the loss of long flowering Hawaiian sativa Maui Wowie, who is absolutely massive and takes 11-12 weeks to develop.

Skunk Dawg, Dutch Treat and other non-Hawaiian strains can be found in abundance on Maui, while real old school Maui Wowie is rare and to some immigrants to our islands — unknown.

Perhaps due to a sinister style that came into play in which dealers would put the name “Maui Wowie” on any and every bag of Pakalōlō they would sell seeking to cash in off her famous name. When caught in the act by those who know mo betta, the offending dealers would say they thought “anything grown on Maui was Maui Wowie“.

Seeing the name of our world famous Hawaiian sativa used to sell non-Hawaiian Pakalōlō made ‘Ohana (Families) from Hana Maui who have been caretakers of Maui Wowie for Hanauna (Generations) very upset to say the least. Our Hana ‘Ohana (Family) responsible for caretaking Maui Wowie have kept her pure to her old school Hawaiian Pakalōlō roots and are very proud of her. The work of Hanauna (Generations) of Hawaiian growers can not be discounted and erased so easily.

Maui Wowie was known to be the best bud on Earth since the 1960’s and was one of the first strains to test in with cannabinoid levels above the teens!

Maui Wowie is a HAWAIIAN SATIVA, a specific genotype of Pakalōlō — not just any bud from Maui“.

Pakalolo infiltrators and haters ran amuck as if those of us who preserve and protect Hawaiian Pakalōlō Genetics would never again resurface…

~Pakalōlō 2K: Cannabis Mis-information Situation~

The internet became available to the public in 1991.

Mana’o (knowledge) about Hawaiian Pakalōlō…not so much…

Many old school growers were wary of sharing their experiences with a plant people have gone to prison for possessing. Very few true old school growers from Hawai’i felt comfortable going online to talk story — as we still have helicopters over our heads reminding us of what can happen if one is not careful with Pakalōlō.

Shocked by the scarcity of Pakalōlō information on the internet we went on social media and a few online forums to share Mana’o (knowledge) & correct misconceptions.

We soon learned that online forums were not a good place to share as we were attacked by trolls on various forums for sharing the truth about Hawaiian Pakalōlō as it conflicted with previous stories shared on forums such as the any bud from Maui is Maui Wowie” tall tale .

We also learned that the majority of Pakalōlō forums are also seed banks and do not like it when we share information about Hawaiian as most forum seed banks to not have any Hawaiian genetics in their simple seed banks.

Just because you have never known or grown Hawaiian strains made famous in the 1960’s does not mean they do not exist.

The legends are true!

Tropical terpenes do not lie.

Hawaiian Pakalōlō strains have some of the most unique and wonderful terpene profiles in all of the Pakalōlō kingdom and are extremely juicy & resinous, yet another reason Hawaiian strains are widely regarded as the best pot on the planet!

Thankfully we still have many old school Uncles and Aunties alive to share genetics and legends of Hawaiian Pakalōlō for future Hanauna (Generations), plus now with the advent of genetic testing and terpene profile analysis we can now prove what we have known for many moons:

Hawai’i Pakalōlō Nō ka ‘oi = Hawaiian Pakalōlō is the best

~Return of Hawaiian Pakalōlō: Healing Nations with Aloha~

In 2014 with legalization for recreation in both Alaska and Oregon passing Pua Mana ‘Ohana decided to come out of the shadows and into the light with our underground Pakalōlō preservation project:

Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank

We began visiting dispensaries and sharing Hawaiian Pakalōlō genetics to add abundant Aloha & supply Hawaiian medicine for patients across the nations.

Through social media we have been able to connect with many of you out there seeking Hawaiian genetics thought lost in the sands of time & have been able to provide Hawaiian medicine to many patients in need of Hawaiian weed.

Our ‘Ohana (Family) at Leafly & Seedfinder jumped on our Pakalōlō paddle board & began sharing Mana’o (Knowledge) about Hawaiian strains for the web surfers to learn about in their epic genetics databases.

Pua Mana ‘Ohana is now online via our website & social media profiles sharing Mana’o (knowledge) about Hawaiian Pakalōlō, as well as medicinal Hawaiian Pakalōlō genetics with patients around the globe!

We look forward to the day when Hawaiian Pakalōlō is available on every dispensary menu and in every genetics library on Planet Pakalōlō!!

Aloha a hui hou,

Pua Mana ‘Ohana



~ Mahalo ke Akua = Thank God ~

~ Pua Mana ‘Ohana and Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank release our genetics for souvenir and preservation purposes ~ Mahalo to evolving laws & attitudes towards plant medicine we can now share these legendary Hawaiian Pakalōlō genetics with you and your ‘Ohana (Family) ~

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