Legend of Moloka’i Purpz


The legend of Moloka’i Purpz is perhaps the most ancient in all of Hawaiian Pakalōlō mythology and goes as follows:

A Kane (man) fell in deeply in love with a beautiful Wahine (woman).

One day they got in a huge fight.

The Kane (man), inconsolable and depressed beyond belief, went to throw himself off of the highest sea cliffs on Earth on the island of Moloka’i.

When he reached the summit and stood at the edge of the Pali (cliffs), one of the most gorgeous rainbows appeared to the Kane (man) as a sign from Ke Akua (God) that he should abort his mission to end his life.

As he turned from the Pali (cliffs) he saw the most breathtaking Pua (flower) he had ever set eyes upon in his life.

It was a dark purple Pua (flower) with neon green highlights and long sharp jagged leaves.

Thinking of his estranged lover, he picked a Pua (flower) and walked back down the trail.

When he returned to his Hale (house) his lover ran to embrace him with tears in her eyes.

She had heard he had went to the Pali (cliffs) to throw himself in the ocean below.

They vowed never to fight again.

The Kane (man) presented her with the Pua (flower) he had harvested on the Pali (cliffs). Purple was her favorite color and it smelled sweeter and more fragrant than any Pua (flower) she had smelled before.

The purple Pua (flower) from the Pali (cliffs) sat on display as a centerpiece in their Hale (house) for many weeks until it dried and would no longer take up Wai (water).

This Pua (flower) was a symbol of their love and they decided to burn it and send prayers that they would remain together for the rest of their days up with the smoke to Ke Akua (God).

Praying around the pungent aromatic smoke brought them into a higher spiritual state, union with Ke Akua (God), and strengthened their bond to the point it was unbreakable.

The next day full of life and love, the Kane (man) embarked on a Huaka’i back to the Pali (cliffs) to retrieve another Pua (flower) for his love. When he arrived he saw the same rainbow sprouting from the clouds, brighter and more vivid than ever, only this time the rainbow had a partner; a double rainbow.

Sure that Ke Akua had answered their prayers and that their love would flourish & bloom like the purple Pua (flower) of the Pali (cliffs). He gathered a bouquet of buds and returned home to his love.

They would burn the Pua (flower) praising Ke Akua (God) and their love grew…


The Kane (man) took some of the seeds from the Pua (flower) he had gathered on the Pali (cliffs) and planted them in their garden.

It is said that they grew very old together and all who saw them remarked that their love was as beautiful as the pungent purple Pua (flower) from the Pali (cliffs) planted in their garden.

Moloka’i Purpz is a Hawaiian Landrace strain that originates from the island of Moloka’i who gets her lovely purple hues from being cultivated high above the ocean on the highest sea cliffs in the world.

A truly special and unique strain — Moloka’i Purpz is a powerful contender in any grow environment, withstanding both cold Mauka (Mountain) temperature dips and high Hawaiian humidity to produce luscious loads of gorgeous dark purple sticky Pua (flowers). She is sure to please palates due to the rich fruity tropical terpenes dripping from her tasty tropical burning bush.

Moloka’i Purpz is an amazing Hawaiian Landrace Indica developed in paradise by Mother Nature herself.

Aloha a hui hou,
Pua Mana ‘Ohana


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