Hawaiian Style Germination Station

Of all the investments you will make once you decide to grow your own medicine, from soil & amendments to indoor lighting or an outdoor greenhouse – the genetics you put in your garden are the most crucial to the success of your operation.
Spending a fortune on a high tech grow set up is a fruitless endeavor if your genetics are not of the highest quality & are unable to reach their optimal peak performance due to mistakes & miscalculations.
It is very frustrating to shell out big bucks for genetics only to have germination issues that require tissues. Germination is perhaps the most sensitive period of the entire grow cycle, during which Great attention to detail is necessary.
Fortunately, Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank offers a germination guarantee on all orders along with our lifetime replacement policy for all pre-order reservations – still it is nice to know how to do it right the 1st round, so we are providing this guide on how to create a Hawaiian Style Germination Station in order to ensure you get the highest germination rate possible & make the most of your medicine.
The environment you provide for your Pakalōlō plants & ‘Ano ‘Ano = Seeds is the most important factor.
Similar to the story of Kona Gold-I-Dreadlocks & da 3 Blazed Bradda Bears, too hot or too cold is a no can – your environment must be just right.
When creating your Hawaiian Style Germination Station, our Genetic Specialists recommend keeping your temperature between 75°- 85° degrees to encourage your Hawaiian Pakalōlō ‘Ano ‘Ano = Seeds to come out & play.
Any lower or higher will result in dismay, as high temperatures can cook young fragile seed embryos in a matter of minutes, rendering them sterile & useless, while low temperatures will prevent them from germinating, staying dormant in their shells, like a shy reluctant Nugget Ninja Honu = Turtle or a Ganja Groundhog who just freaked out after burning too tough on da good stuff & ran from a battle after seeing it’s own shadow.
Utilizing a seedling heat mat or heater in cold climates will improve your Germination rate. A thermostat will ensure you stay in a safe temperature zone. Many heat mats come with companion thermostats.
Our Genetic Specialists may disagree on what is the best way to prepare genetics for germination, from soaking to skuffing to old school paper towels methods to Local Hawaiian Cotton Kits to planting them directly in the dirt – one thing we all agree on is keeping your environment at the proper temperature. With your temperature regulated in your Hawaiian Style Germination Station, your Germination rate will be as high as you & your ‘Ohana = Family will be once you harvest your Pakalōlō plants.
Along with temperature you need to ensure your moisture level stays perfect. Too dry is game over for germinating seeds, while too much water can drown young sprouts & seedlings. Germination in a sealed container or sealed bag is one way to maintain moisture.
Check on the Germination status regularly to provide essential oxygen & so you can transplant sprouts to your growing medium of choice.
With your temperature & moisture levels correct – your Hawaiian Style Germination Station is ready to rock!
Growing Hawaiian Pakalōlō can be challenging at times, yet is extremely rewarding as those of us who choose wisely adding Hawaiian Pakalōlō to our gardens reap massive yeilds of sweet sticky tropical terpene trees of the highest quality.
From their hard to penetrate prehistoric style velociraptor striped shells, to long Pua = Flower cycles, the entire process demands Great attention to detail, plenty patience, cannabis cultivation skills & most importantly abundant amounts of Aloha.
Speaking of Aloha…
Aloha a hui hou
Pua Mana ‘Ohana
Laws regarding Pakalōlō ‘Ano ‘Ano (Cannabis Seeds) vary in different Counties, Provinces, States, Countries & perhaps even Planet to Planet (Space Force Baby).
Prior to Germination of medicinal Pakalōlō ‘Ano ‘Ano, we recommend educating yourself about the ordinances & laws regarding Pakalōlō in your home town.
Mahalo = Thank You
~ Pua Mana ‘Ohana & Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank release our rare endangered Hawaiian Genetics for souvenir & preservation purposes ~

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