ENDANGERED: Pakalōlō, Places & People of Hawai’i

ENDANGERED: Pakalōlō, Places & People of Hawai’i

You may have heard of Hawaiian Pakalōlō strains like Kona Gold, Kaua’i Electric, Puna Buddaz, Hawai’i ’78, Moloka’i Frost (also known as Moloka’i Hashplant), Hawaiian Bloodline, Moloka’i Purpz, Hawaiian Elephant & of course our legendary leading lady; the world famous: Maui Wowie — but did you know many old school Hawaiian strains are actually in danger of extinction?

You may have visited some of the stunning & serene sacred locations of Hawai’i like Mauna Kea (Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on Planet Earth from below sea level to her summit) Hāleakala on magical, mystical Maui and Kalalau Valley on the Garden Island of Kaua’i, as well as the numerous special spots all throughout the Hawaiian island chain — but did you know many places here in Hawai’i are endangered due to development, pollution & neglect??

You may enjoy Hawaiian music, Hula Dancing & the melodic, musical Language of The People of Hawai’i — but did you know Hawaiian Culture was almost lost in the sands of time & is still threatened to this day???

Endangered: Pakalōlō of Hawai’i

When global travel became convenient & available to people who wished to visit the paradise we know & love called Hawai’i — a secret got out about good Hawaiian smoke & quickly spread across the planet like wildfire:

Hawai’i Pakalōlō Nō ka ‘oi = Hawaiian Cannabis is the best

Seeds were smuggled in visitors return luggage along with sacks of sweet, stinky Hawaiian Pakalōlō & soon cannabis connoisseurs all around the globe knew dakine about Hawaiian Pakalōlō — a gift from da divine Akua = God.

Once word got out about tropical terpene drenched supa’ strains like Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, Kaua’i Electric, Puna Buddaz & all with all of their potent pretty Polynesian Pakalōlō Cousins of Cannabis, everyone wanted to sample these legendary strains.

Demand was absolutely insane!

In the late 1970’s, a state wide marijuana eradication program known as Operation Green Harvest made it extremely difficult to cultivate large Hawaiian Pakalōlō strains outdoors. Growing Hawaiian Genetics indoors is challenging, even for experienced Ganja Gardeners, due to their massive size & long Pua Period = Flower Cycle.

Smaller faster flowering strains like Puna Buddaz & Hawaiian Duckfoot survived the siege mo betta than luscious long flowering Hawaiian sativa strains like Kaua’i Electric, Kona Gold & Hawai’i ’78, all of whom became extremely rare around the turn of the century.

Many old school Hawaiian landrace Sativa strains went extinct during the war on drugs — a war that mistakenly targeted a medicinal plant utilized by humanity for over 10,000 years.

Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank was created in order to preserve and protect rare endangered Hawaiian genetics.

Since we 1st announced our misson to the wonderful world of weed in 2014, we have seen a welcome resurgence of people growing Hawaiian Pakalōlō & cultivating ‘Ano ‘Ano = Seeds again as opposed to passing elite cuttings & exclusive clones.

As laws & attitudes regarding plant medicines continue to evolve, we are seeing our Kūpuna = Wise Elders, who have preserved & protected these rare endangered Hawaiian genetics for Hanauna = Generations, coming out of the shadows & into the light, willing to share these medicinal Hawaiian strains with patients seeking Hawaiian healing.

Mahalo ke Akua = Thank God

Let the Hawaiian Healing of the Nations proceed, brought to us by old school Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seeds — also known as Weed.

Endangered: Places of Hawai’i

ʻĀina is the Hawaiian word for the Land meaning “that which feeds us”.

The Ahupua’a system was a system of land divisions spanning from Mauka = Mountain to Makai = Sea. ‘Ohana = Family from the valley would bring down fruits, Kalo = Taro & Pua’a = Wild Boar to share with ‘Ohana = Family on the beach who had fish, opihi & all of the abundance of the Moana = Ocean.

Kānaka Maoli = Native Hawaiian People lived in harmony with the ʻĀina = Land. The ʻĀina provided all of our needs.

Now we see an alarming percentage of the Kānaka Maoli = Native Hawaiian population living in poverty, relying off Government assistance programs for food, rather than planting food, hunting & fishing like our ancestors before us — living transient outdoors, homeless in our homeland.

It is estimated that %42 of the homeless population here on Hawai’i is of Kānaka Maoli = Native Hawaiian decent. Wealthy “owners” of stolen land & pathetic politicians pandering to special interests have declared war on homeless people here in Hawai’i to clean up what many realtors feel is an “eye sore. It must be difficult to walk outside of your multi-million dollar time share apartment or vacation rental in paradise, only to see the rightful heirs to the land homeless, living in the park with only a shopping cart to store all of their worldly possessions.

If this scenario bothers the condominium community so severly — imagine how our homeless Kānaka Maoli ‘Ohana = Native Hawaiian Family feels…

High priced housing & cost of living has forced many local ‘Ohana = Families to lose ties to ancestral lands, relocate to less affluent neighborhoods, move to the mainland or worse yet; lose homes entirely & be forced to live on the beach.

Development threatens the stable balance of our precious environment & ecosystem.

The University of Hawai’i continues to seek a permit to build telescopes upon the summit of both Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawai’i & Hāleakala on the Valley Island of Maui, despite protests by Kānaka Maoli = Native Hawaiian environmental activists & preservationists.

Mauna Kea is often translated literally as “white mountainbecause of the snow that covers its summit, but Mauna Kea is a short version of Mauna a Wakea; a name that connects it to the sky Father: Wakea.

Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on Earth, if you measure it from the base, at the bottom of the ocean, to the peak rising 13,784 feet above sea level & is considered the most sacred place on the planet by our Kānaka Maoli ‘Ohana = Native Hawaiian Family who believe Mauna Kea is a portal where the Heavens touch & connect to the Earth.

Coral reef bleaching threatens endangered oceanic wildlife. Some studies state we are in danger of losing our coral reef, along with the oceanic wildlife that relys on it, in the next few decades.

Though much less noticeable than a telescope on a mountain top or the extinction of the coral reefs of Hawai’i — cane fields & jungle wilderness areas once played in by Keiki = Children, habituated by endangered Hawaiian birds & rare tropical wildlife, are rapidly being developed into high priced apartment buildings, retail stores & parking lots, without a thought of the consequences forced upon our fragile ecosystem.

Once you pave paradise to build a parking lot, you can never grow food there again.

Endangered: People of Hawai’i

You kill a culture by killing its language and I am telling you that our language ain’t dead, our people ain’t dead, our culture is hot” ~ Daniel Anthony – Kānaka Maoli = Native Hawaiian Activist & Poi Pounder extraordinaire

Did you know the Hawaiian Language was outlawed after the overthrow of The Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 & illegal annexation of Hawai’i in 1898?

Our Kūpuna = Wise Elders tell us tales of being punished in school for speaking their Native Tounge.

It is very important to one of our Kānaka Maoli = Native Hawaiian Aunties who helped us found Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank, who is one of our most powerful partners, that we include Hawaiian Language translations along with sharing Mana’o = Knowledge & teaching Ha’awina = Lessons, as we share Hawaiian Pakalōlō with the world.

How many people have found Pua Mana ‘Ohana online while searching for Hawaiian Pakalōlō strains like Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, Kaua’i Electric or Puna Buddaz & learned Hawaiian Language or been inspired to visit our islands contributing to the local economy in the process?

If we do not speak or write the words correctly & become comfortable with mispronounced Hawaiian words as many newscasters, politicians & people here in Hawai’i have — we will lose the Language or see it altered & changed beyond recognition forever.

If you want to learn to speak Hawaiian words correctly Pua Mana ‘Ohana suggests listening to traditional Hawaiian music. The words are pronounced properly & the melodic language of the People of Hawai’i shines through with all of her magnificent Mana = Spiritual Power.

Disturbingly, our ‘Ohana = Family members have been attacked online, not only by people ignorant of hidden Hawaiian History in regards to Pakalōlō — but also for staying true to our original mission to share Hawaiian Language with Hawaiian Pakalōlō. We were even criticized for attaching a English translation to every Hawaiian word we write, to teach people learning the Hawaiian Language so we can pass it on, along with Hawaiian Pakalōlō Genetics we have preserved & protected for future Hanauna = Generations.

Genocide is the systematic elimination of an entire race oror culture. The same genocidal tactics that were deployed on Native American Tribes, were assembled against Kānaka Maoli = Native Hawaiian People.

Hawaiian Historians like David Malo recorded the cultural practices, traditions & history passed down orally with the written word, saving it from going extinct or being forgotten forever.

Passionate preservationists like Dr. Nathaniel Bright Emerson translated the Mo’olelo Hawai’i Book of Hawaiian Antiquities written by David Malo from Hawaiian to English for future Hanauna = Generations to enjoy, along with Sacred Songs of Hula, Oli = Chants, plus Mythologies & Legends of Hawai’i — all put down on paper with a pen, saved from being lost in the sands of time, as many Native Cultures have been lost in the history of humanity.

It is estimated that only around %1 of the population of Hawai’i is fluent in the Hawaiian Language.

According to the 2010 Census less than %10 of the population here in Hawai’i is of Kānaka Maoli = Native Hawaiian decent.

Many of our Kānaka Maoli ‘Ohana = Native Hawaiian Family members have been forced to relocate to the mainland due to shady real estate (or fake estate) deals, coupled with the steadily rising cost of living.

If this trend continues there will be very few Hawaiian People left in Hawai’i to teach visitors from around the globe lessons of the sacredness our ʻĀina & all about The Spirit of Aloha.

Make no mistake — without Hawaiian People, Language & Culture; there is no Hawai’i & there is no Aloha.

Aloha = “Joyfully sharing the breath of life” also translated as “Love

Alo = 1. sharing 2. in the present

Oha = joyous affection, joy

Hā = life energy, life, breath

Be Part of the Solution

When you grow & medicate with Hawaiian Pakalōlō, Malama ka ʻĀina (Care for the Land), perform & listen to Hawaiian music, read, write & speak Hawaiian Language — you are a part of the solution.

Why not go to a concert performed by local Hawaiian musicians, purchace their albums to support their work & Hawaiian Culture, dine (or “Grind” as we say here in Hawai’i) at a Hawaiian restaurant or request your local dispensary begin carrying Hawaiian Genetics like Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, Puna Buddaz & Kaua’i Electric for patients seeking Hawaiian healing?

Be part of the solution.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better — it’s not” ~ Dr. Suess, The Lorax

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