Lost & Living Leaf Legends



Lost & Living Leaf Legends 


Aloha Pua Mana ‘Ohana! 


Pua Mana ‘Ohana is mourning the monumental loss of a legendary leaf leader called Uncle Sonny.


Uncle Sonny departed to the Spirit World in 2020 — as many of our favorite friends & family have. Uncle Sonny’s leaf legacy is as follows:


Hawaiian Elephant — an old school Hawaiian Sativa strain known Globally for her massive medicine, teeming with tropical terpenes, a Pakalōlō plant that reaches heights helicopters hardly can hover above — was originally smuggled to Maui, Hawai’i, during the Vietnam War, by Uncle Sonny.


Uncle Sonny shared Hawaiian Elephant ‘Ano ‘Ano (Seeds) with fellow travellers on their Huaka’i (Journey) along with Mana’o (Knowledge) about her travels from South East Asia to a small island in the Pacific Ocean — a place called Maui, Hawai’i — a leaf loving location, that made a medicine called Pakalōlō (Cannabis), World Famous.


Due to the illegitimate outlaw status — imposed upon a medicinal plant created by Akua (God) — by consuming humans, Hawaiian History, in regards to Pakalōlō, had to be hidden, similar to when the Tribe of Judah & Her Faithful Friends, of all Nations, sheltered fellow Jewish Holocaust Survivors, finding refuge with righteous community members, who were not afraid to take a stand against tyranny & fascism, or like African-American Underground Railroad conductors, concealing cargo, containing citizens, escaping the sickness of slavery in the south. 


Sativa slavery was a ting — in fact, it was much worse for a medicinal plant called Pakalōlō & our ‘Ohana (Family) who protects our medicine — a corrupt campaign of Ganja Genocide was being perpetrated upon the People & Plants of Hawai’i.


We lost many Leaf Legends during the “War on Drugs“. Many Bud plants died to bring us this information, or as we say here in Hawai’i: Mana’o (Knowledge).


To those who spend their time un-wisely online, on an unkind crusade of Ganja Genocide, attempting to desecrate, destroy & delete our Hidden Hawaiian History so they can sell random strains with the reefer-revered marijuana moniker Maui Wowie:


Try Learn about Our History 

Before you try Burn Our History




We da Weeded Pakalōlō People fight for our right to party as a Great Hip-Hop Group once rapped:


You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Paaarty” ~ The Beastie Boys


This is a personal bud battle to our ‘Ohana (Family).


Uncle Sonny, Bradda Joseph, Auntie Lei & Aunti J (originator of da saying: “One Hitta Quitta” in regards to Puna Buddaz) — all of our Kupuna named & unclaimed — paved a Pakalōlō path for future Hanauna (Generations) to enjoy leaf legends like Hawaiian Elephant, Kona Gold & of course our Well-Known World-Wide, Wild, Wonder Wahine of Weed: Maui Wowie.


Next time you are lucky enough to find dakine: real deal, old-school, classic Hawaiian Pakalōlō — remember our Kupuna who made it possible for your to enjoy this sacred medicine…


Mahalo nui Loa for representing Pua Mana ‘Ohana and for choosing Hawaiian Genetics for your Garden!!


Aloha a hui 

Pua Mana ‘Ohana 


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